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 scared of needles! getting a cervical cancer jab soon?
this may sound a little babyish but i don't really care im in year 10 and soon i'll be having my jab against cervical cancer i definitely want it done because id rather have a needle than ...

 Why can't I donate blood just because I had cancer?
I wanted to donate blood...then I was asked if I've ever had cancer. I actually just found out 3 days ago that my cancer is gone :) ((yay)) So I was looking to do something to give back...I ...

 Underarm Pea Sized Lump!! Could it be Cancer?
I have a small Pea sized lump under my arm, it is sort of red but after two days its normal but there still is a lump, it does hurt when i press on it.
i have examined, there are other small ...

 Do you think there will be a cure for cancer?
Do you think it will be from a natural resource , man-made or combination of both?
Additional Details
i forgot to mention. A cure without causing secondary ailments like the treatment ...

 should i tell my ex-best friend about my tumour?
so me and my ex-bestfriend are no longer friends. we had a major argument and although i apologised she wants nothing to do with me and told me to stop contacting her, but ive jus found out that i ...

 does breast cancer hurt? if there is a lump will it be painful?
one of my breasts has been hurting for the past week, this morning i noticed alump and it really hurts. could this be cancer, or just an infection? my last pregnancy was over 4 years ago, so i don&#...

 Diagnosed with breast cancer, how do I tell my boyfriend?
I've been diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a small lump while doing a routine examination.

I've been told that I have to have my breast removed as well as Chemotherapy ...

 what do i say to my friend who just got diagnosed with cancer?
iv got this friend who moved to another city some time ago.

we've been keeping contact through texts and weve been chatting online, etc.

he texted me this morning saying ...

 how to stop the smoking?

 Will you pray for me? Because I have an inoperable and rare intestinal cancer that metastasized to my liver...?
and every time I just know and have faith that the tumors will stop growing or that they will shrink, etc. they never do. Every time I start up a new therapy it doesn't work and because my faith ...

 PLEASE PEOPLE, is my friend's dad going to DIE soon?
my friend doesnt like to talk of his fathers illness, but i know he has cancer and i think its getting worse. he just looks really pale and frail most of the time, although he still works everyday to ...

 i smoke like 30 plus a day i know the risks so why should i quit?
seriously i like my tobacco why can't i puff away without folk say i'll die
quitting is too much effort cos honestly we're all died at the end of this life only one exit off the ...

 People look for cures to cancer, but how many actually look to stop cancer from happening in the first place?

 is it genetic or stress that causes hair loss?
im a regular 18 yr old kid (turning 19 in 2 weeks) and im experiencing hair loss last 8 months. Everyone on my dads side all lost their hair when they got older but i thought the hair issue came from ...

 My father is suffered by mouth cancer... can anyone suggest a treatment?

 Has anyone turned 100, without ever having had cancer?
Comedian George Carlin said that everyone will get cancer if they live long enough....

 I got kicked in the breast ! Am I gonna get cancer ?
I was playing around I got kicked in the breast and now it's sore.

It the breast tissues get bruised - will I get breast cancer ?...

 What do you think about the cervial Cancer jab ?
Hi, i've just turned 16 and I am wondering whether to get the Cervial Cancer jab....

Ladies.... have you had it?? Do you think it will work?? Im worried that as it is new it may ...

 can you get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes even if you don't smoke that much?
what I'm asking is this:
can you only get lung cancer from smoking A LOT of cigarettes or can you get it even if you don't smoke that much?


 do i have brain tumor ?
im 17 and having headache since i was 14.but my parents never took it seriously. am i suffering from brain tumor or something else?im also becoming very absent minded now days.please suggest.i'...

Can lymph nodes turn into cancer?

Lauren S
the nodes themselves cannot "turn into" cancer, but some of the cells in them may form oncogenes and divide uncontrollably, therefore resulting in a cancer.
also, cancer in other organs such as the colon, breast, etc, can metastasize to nearby lymph nodes.

as with all parts of your body, lymph nodes can develop cancer.

If you have any doubts, get checked out by a doc...lymph nodes can be removed which would halt the spread, so the sooner its checked the better.

blondy =]
yes. go get checked out

They don't 'turn into' cancer, but they can contain cancer.

.Gee Whillakers

Your lymph nodes don't turn into cancer, but sometimes the lymphocytes (cells inside lymph nodes) can become cancerous. This type of cancer is called lymphoma, there are two main types Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
If you have a swollen lymph node it doesn't mean cancer but you should have it looked at by a doctor because swollen lymph nodes are a sign of many different infections.

Peter M
Lymph nodes can become cancerous

Barb B
there is a cancer of the lymph nodes called Hodgkins lymphoma

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