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Sushma S
whats is the best medication for hypothyroid experienced personally?

spirulina and ganoderma if you ask me .I know of many people who consume spirulina and fought deficiency .this is being endorsed by WHO and national institute of nutrition Hyderabad .This can fight oral cancer according to latest research. a vision 2020 biotechnologist is giving a free lecture in globus pondy bazaar Chennai
take care

teri s
Try rubbing iodine on the bottom of your feet at night.
You can test your iodine deficiency by rubbing a 2x2 spot on your stomach and time how long it takes to fade. If it fades within 20 hours you are iodine deficient and that is what your thyroid needs.
Also, stay away from SOY. It has natural MSG and can cause goiters for people with weak thyroids.
Try finding a dr who treats with biodentical hormones, those synthetic ones are so bad for you.
I sometimes will rub my throat with iodine (near thyroid) if I'm not going anywhere.
Good luck.

i've had hypothyroidism since i was like two weeks old, and i take levothroid, idk if that helps at all or not but i dont have any problems or anything. i don't really notice at all

For me, its Armour. I started out on Levoxyl and it did nothing for my symptoms. I eventually added Cytomel to the Levoxyl and I got relief from about 75% of my symptoms. I did the Levoxyl/Cytomel combo for about 2 years and then I switchyed to Armour. I've been on Armour for over 5 years and about 95% of my thyroid symptoms are gone.

Alex F
I have friends who have utilized accupuncture to cure it, it requires a good doctor (which is somewhat rare in the US) but they've been successful.

Also, I am of the firm belief (based on a gigantic amount of evidence I've seen) that fluoride consumption kicking iodine out of the thyroid causes hypothyroid. Conventional skeptics will debate this till the sun goes down, but there's actually tremendous amount of evidence for it.

As such, beyond acupuncture, there is a second thing that helps with hypothyroidism tremendously. Completely cutting all exposure to fluoride, and supplementing yourself (with a safe form) of iodine. Doing this rarely will completly cure the hypothyroidism (although it can reduce the effects), but when paired with acupuncture makes a tremendous difference in the % chance of success.

Hope that helps, I'd be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

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