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 Is it true that when you're on ecstasy and drink 2 litres of water you die?
I've heard about this, and apparently also your insides start flooding or something like that. It sounds ridiculous but then something is telling me that it might be true......

 what supplements helps you to focus and feel clear headed?

 how can i avoid the urge to do weed?
this might seem like and probably is a stupid question for many. i'm 16, sophomore year in high school. In the past i've smoked weed a few times, I drink often, and don't really intend ...

I have a broken toe(my piggy toe). It hurts really bad. What all can I do for it besides putting tape on it and icing it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 I've hit my daily maximum for antacids. What are some natural remedies for acid indigestion?

 Is there any kind of exercises, or alternative medicine type things I can do to help with ADD?
Anything would be helpful, really. My doctor and I agreed it was better not to start on medication at this time, but I want to know if theres anything I can do myself to help with my ADD....

 Why do people who don't take drugs answer questions they don't have an answer to?
Why is it that every time someone has a question about drugs 4 people come on and contribute NOTHING to the dialogue and instead say "hey you're dumb for doing this". HOW THE **** ...

 Whats it like to be on Salvia?
its 100% legal and it looks like a lot of fun
i heard that you hallucinate, and if so how much do you hallucinate, and what kind of stuff did u see?
also about how much does it cost?...

 What is the best multivitamin to take for a weaken immune system?
or anything that helps strengthen my immune ...

 What are some natural things you've tried for allergies? Have they worked well?
Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar?...

 Can anyone please tell me some good natural help for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
I have a friend that is suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis...and is supposed to see a specialist in a few weeks...right now he needs something to help. All the prescription mdsis just a temporary ...

 are taking pills natural?
like protien pills mutli vits, and weight loss pills example CLA with is FDA aproven thanks hit me back yeah ...

 Why is the Pharmaceutical industry jumping on the fish oil wagon.?

Additional Details
Gary, I think I'll pass on science based anything when it comes to my health. Science proof turns into science poof! on a daily basis. Just watch the news. They ...

 do you believe in Homeopathy?

 How long can i keep weed before it's to old to smoke?
I bought 20 grams of kush and i didn't know how strong it was. There's no way i can smoke all of it in the next week, but i dont want it to go bad, cause that's a waste of money and ...

 i'm hoping for a way to improve my sleep pattern!?
As i go off to sleep each night and when taking a nap, just as i'm about to fall asleep i seem to gasp for breath and jump my self wide awake! this obviously worries my self and my partner. i ...

 Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see the word Homeopathy..?

 Hang over help: I can't drink water or i'll throw up?
If I drink water i'll throw up, even if its just a sip. And I'll hurl and hurl until I've gone from chills to numbness and i'll be shaking heavily. This has happened the last ...

 What do you say to a drug spokesperson who says drugs, not eating healthy food, is only way to stay well ?

 If they don't want flowers, medicine or a memorial, how else can we mark the passing of a 'Hospital'?
It's been reported today in the Quackometer, "That after a long battle with science, The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (1849 - 2010) has passed away"


what plant or oil is a natural antibiotic?
Hi everyone. would anyone know of a natural herb , plant, essential oil , oil that is a antibiotic for humans and dogs to use? external or internal use? thanks

phillip b
colloidal silver have you tred
and the bob beck protocol

Grapefruit seed extract company name is NutruBiotic.It is natural antibiotic.You can buy it in oil form or pill.It is very concentrate You can use it in a lot of different conditions.You can use it internal for infection,external for warts best ,for gum's as solution even for disinfection.Good luck

Wellness consultant
The best external antibiotic is strong acid water with 2.5pH. I have a machine that makes it. If you want to try some, let me know.

maybe aloe vera, i have a couple plants and its considered as a medicinal plant. that is if u have a cut or something u would cut the tip of the stem and put the oozy stuff on the cut/scrape

externally for cuts abrasions & the like is paw paw cream, in the health aisle of your supermarket. Wonder cream in my opinion

The goldenseal plant is a natural antibiotic. The goldenseal tea is typically drank to help treat infections and to fight a myriad of disorders.

Protect your body from infection - the invasion of microorganisms. The best defense? A strong immune system. According to research or other evidence, the following self-care steps may be helpful:


I hope that helps?

tea tree oil

tiny Valkyrie
I swear by tea tree oil for external abrasions and cuts.

I have also used it in a compress with Epsom salts for boils and styes to draw the infection out.

cinnamon, clove, oregano, lemon, green tea, chocolate (but dont give the chocolate to your dog!)

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