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 can anyone recommend herbal remedies to aid stress and depression?

sherl pagan vt™
what is the best way to get rid of negative energy?

Additional Details
neg. energy can build up in a home, a room, or a person. if something bad has happened like abuse, anger, or fighting.

have you ever walked into a room and felt very uncomfortable, or felt right at home?
it's because (mostly) of the energy built up there.

You know the saying, birds ofthe same feather....
If you feel blue, its not just you. Since time immemorial, people get sad during the months of October and November.
One poet even describes it as "when its a grey November in your soul"

Surround yourself with bright light!. Light makes everybody happier.

Gig a hole in the earth and stick your head in it

Tom Da Bomb
bang ur head against the wall untill all the evil runs out of your body, i do this everyday to stay cleansed ^_^

vent with someone, exercise, puch a bag, drink, smoke.. depends on your outlet.. Or pet a cat, suppose to lower heart rates and reduce stress

How about divorce!

Bard's Babe
Depends on the negative energy. If it's the people you surround yourself with then it is time to get a new set of people. If the negative energy is from within, then you have to find the cause by working on yourself. If it's something more than that, then it's probably time for a vacation.

Blue Abyss
possitive energy but seriously, get out and have some fun with some friends or family or whoever makes you happy.

You can try to figure out where it's coming from and change that! If you can't you can read, write, take a hobby, excercise, or some people like to work. You can also spoil yourself. You can do something good for yourself, something you love to do. It's always good to do something for others, that makes you fell good. Whatever you find works for you. Hope this helps.

here are some crazy latina voodoo witchcraft u can do at home. place white candles in your home , it cleanses the house . place a cup of water next to the front door . its said to catch the bad vibes in the glass . then dump it out at night and refill. burn frankincense are ound the house , sit in a chair and burn it under the chair , breath in the smoke. put a mirror facing the door , its said to reflect bad vibes out when the door opens to people.

Burn bundles of sage. Carry the smoldering bundle through your house, office, car, wherever the negative energy is affecting you. If the energy is coming from within, allow the smoke to pass over you and surround you- bathe in it, essentially.
I had serious negative energy years ago- so bad that when it came to it's peak, and I was very angry, a glass I was holding in my hand shattered. (no kidding, I was scared s*itless) My stepsister suggested this and it worked.
You could also "anoint" your house with oil that has been blessed by a priest or other religous leader. If you go this route, you should ask the assistance of a religous/spiritual leader as it can make the energy expand if not done correctly.

burn incense, burn candles, burn aromatherapy oils. Play gregorian chant in the room to clear the negativity.

Joan McBitch
Depends on your religious leanings. Meditation. Prayer. Confession.

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