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 Citrus helps with Colds?
Does consuming citrus (i.e. juices), which have high amounts of Vitamin C, help in dealing with colds?

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 is weed natural can u tell me?
i was watching bob marley video and it made sense i wanna smoke weed cos its good for smoking cigaretes gives you cancer canabis cures it so i might smoke that what do u think i should do it or not ...

 My 2 1/2 yr old has chronic ear infections . Medicine isn't helping any suggestions?
She takes allergy med's daily. We do not smoke, have no pets, and she wears ear plugs and a head band in the bath tub. She has taken every kind of antibotic you can name, along with shots, ear ...

 What's the best way to get rid of a loud cough and runny nose quickly?
without going to the doctor, have you any old wives or natural cures...my plan of getting really stoned and hoping when I woke up the next morning I would have forgot I have a cold didn't work!<...

 how can i have a easy and painless suicide , i need a sure and easy way,and easy to find a tools of doing this
i want to kill my self, but i don't know how, i need to find a material, kind of drug or poison, easy to find and easy too use, atleast not that much hard too find
and i want it surely and ...

 What are some home remedies for constipation?
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Need to escape the Christmas blues, not making a habit of ...

 will smoking weed everyday..potheads only*?
i say potheads only because i don't need any lectures. point blank.

now my question is this - i smoke weed here & there [about once a week tops usually to just relax or medical ...

 What are some best home remedies for "Constipation"?

 whats worse for you heroin or acid?
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 Will you get sick if you drink the bong water?
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 I'm sick and I lost my voice :/?
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 What is the best way to beat insomnia?
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 which treatment is better - allopathy or homeopathy for OCD?
i have OCD from a lot of years. i took allopathy treatment for many years.i found some relief. then dropped. now some symptoms of OCD raise again, memory loss and hairfall occurs. stummering from ...

what is the best way to clean marijuana out of your body to pass a urine test?
i heard niacin and cranberry juice helps. is there any others?

If you don't smoke the marijuana---then you don't have to worry about not passing your urine test.
Sorry....I had to say it.

Sarah M
Nothing works.
Your kidneys and liver are the organs that cleans substances like that from your body.
Drinking or eating stuff doesn't 'clean' your system, your body will absorb the nutrients, but they won't disguise marijuana.

Drinking a lot of water right before your test, doesnt clear out your system, it just makes it so the only think the comes out when you pee is the water, and even then sometimes if your pee is too clean or whatever they get suspicious and may make you retake it.

Mortimer Obituary

Quite smoking at least a few months out. Residue shows up for a loong long time.

mike c
dont beilve that they will swear it works but it dont just ask your doctor maybe he will write you a script for it got as much chance of that working as drinking that

lots of excersize so you sweat some of it out, if u really want to pass, putting visene eyedrops in the urine makes tghe stuff untracable (i know people who tried it)

drinking fluids just dilutes it. Eat red meat and exercise thats the best you can do. If you drink a lot of liquid RIGHT before the test it helps. During your urine test catch the urine midstream as the first part of the stream has the most THC in it.

Leonardo Said it pretty well. the best way is alot of exersize and burning fat, like running or working out. THC is stored in fat cells, therefor drinking alot of water or cranberry juice will do nothing. Depending on your % body fat it could stay in a long time or a short time. Higher fat = Longer time. Drinking alot of water before a test will dilute the urine slightly, but they will probably still be able to find traces of THC. SO, im not sure what niacin is suposed to do but it wont help. I think green tea is suposed to raise metabolism so that will help burn fat faster. If you know when your having a test or if you are going to have a test just stop a month before to be safe....

Leonardo D
Ah, the eternal question. I've answered this in detail in other questions so I will give you the strait facts here:

THC, the stuff they are looking for is FAT SOLUBLE. That means it is stored in your body's fat cells and slowly released as you naturally burn fat. Drinking any amount of water will not clear it out of your system, it may dilute your urine enough to pass the test but many places will make you take it again if your sample is diluted. Cranberry juice makes you pee more, which will not get it out of your system faster. Niacin and vitamin B will make your urine more yellow, which can be useful if you dilute your sample because your pee will come out a normal color (be aware that most places now test for more than color to determine if a sample is diluted).

Don't be fooled by products that claim to "detox" your body. These either don't do a thing or just make you pee more. Any additives you add to your urine will be detected and most places will automatically fail you if they detect additives or fake urine.

Of course if you don;t smoke, you wont get caught but I'd rather smoke.

Unfortunately, the only way to get THC out of your system is to wait, fat burning exercises and a proper diet will lessen the time it takes to get out of your system as well.

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