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what other fruits can u get it from and natural ...

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 how do you cure depreision?

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and everyone thinks i am lonely but i am ...

what does smoking weed feel like?
how is it the first time? and what is it that you are suppose to feel?

It varies between people. Some people just feel drowsy and others trip out.

You feel a light in your head and can laugh about almost anything.

You feel like a big slice of butter.... melting over a big o pile of flapjacks........ yeaaaaaaaaa....

Mike B
not a whole lot lol... its different for everyone, ya just feel...different i guess.

First time I ever smoked it. I had a huge grin on my face. My perception of time was completely altered. You know that tingly feeling in your head you get going down a roller coaster? I felt that too... for about an hour. Everything seemed much more interesting and inspiring. I wasn't sure if I had said something or just imagined saying something.

Don't do it, it can be very addictive and make you do a lot of things your going to regret in life. It all starts with the first time, then you want to feel it again. It might be fun, if your shy (takes it away), you feel cool, everything is in slow motion, you get a dry mouth, makes you hungry, and worst of all brain doesn't work. Stay clean.

Recreational use is not addictive. That guys an ignorant tool. Everything else is pretty much spot on. You most likely feel a combonation of the following:

-Disoriented (Don't drive)
-you might feel a little philosophical too

Common misconception: You will NOT see anything that isn't there a.k.a. Hallucinate. you would have to smoke your weight in weed to see some crazy stuff like that. You can't overdose from marijuana either.

Best thing to do is put on a CD or a funny movie or take a nap if you don't have anything else to do.

Don't smoke weed before going to work either. I did it when i was younger and it was horrible. The day just took forever.

all the answers you'vee had are pretty much true,,, you will get hungry, tired, sleepy and you probally won't want to move, but it all depends on quantity and quality,, i hope you have the answer you are looking for

its better not to start ;p

It all depends on your body chemistry.Some people laugh like crazy,some get sleepy,it makes some people very hungry(munchies).

Smoking weed makes you lose your short term memory after long usage.Don't start,wish I never did. Wasted a lot of years of my life smoking.

I'm 41 now and stopped 2 years ago. Started when I was 16.

♫ A§hley Thizzdale ♫
you either love it or hate it... expect to hear your heart beat and not know if you thought something, or said it out loud...also expect extreme hunger and extreme hilarity!

Well, it really depends on several things, such as the quality of the weed you're smoking. It might also effect guys and girls differently, I'm not sure. (I'm a guy, by the way).

Anyways, the first time (and subsequent times) which I've smoked weed, It takes a little while to take effect. After about 5-10 minutes, though, you should be able to feel the effects.

What I felt was just a total sense of numbness across my entire body. It was like I was weightless, though not floating. I wasn't worried about anything at the time, and found everything to be funnier. Really, smoking weed gives you a similar feeling to being gassed at the dentists.

Afterwards, you may or may not be hungry (I'm usually starving after). If you're anything like I was before I tried it, you're probably worried you're going to do really weird stuff when you're high. I wouldn't worry. Weed doesn't make you hallucinate or anything like that, and if anything you won't feel like moving very much. Also (and obviously), don't drive while high :p

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