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Anna G
twitching after smoking weed? help ?!?
after i smoke weed my body twiches. not really bad but enough to feel it. is that normal ?

Tayla P
Dont smoke weed!! yur gunna hav a higher risk of cancer! Do yu wanna die? Dont smoke and the twitches stop. simple

No- Normal is how you feel when you don't fry your brain on illegal substances -

Just smoke tobacco.

No, either it's laced with something or...

you could be one of the rare people that are actually allergic to it.

rebecca hernandez
R u stupid y the hell would u smoke that gross disgusting stuff youll regret it wen u r in the hospital nd im just sayin the truth

Go Heels
i dont twitch


maybe it is just how u react 2 it.


cross my heart and hope to die
maybe your allergic to it

Kathy B
yes it is i am learing about this in health so dont friggen do it

~Cow Lover~
Why the heck are you stupid enough to smoke anyway? Smoking will get you nowhere in life!

It could be contaminated with toxins, mold, or the implement you use may be contaminated. Twitching is a not-uncommonly reported side-effect, as are the munchies and the giggles. No research has ever shown any neurological or physical dangers from smoking mj, contrary to what all the scare-tactics try to tell you. THC is a substance present in everyone's body . . . and our bodes are even equipped with THC receptors!

However, there is a remote chance you have developed an allergic reaction to your smokes, or it could be that you have switched suppliers and the substance is markedly different. If the twitch bothers you more than the effects relax or help you heal, that is the time to think about giving it up.

it could be from being cold or from paranoia

lol @ these dumbases thinkin weed is bad but it is if it certain kinds of weed

Drugs tend to deplete the body of nutrients. Its quite easy for weed to do that.

yess its perfectly normall. its just your body reminding you that your okay and your recovering from the high. it get less and less of a twitch eventually but, it never completely goes away... lol

smoke til you stop twitching
its no big deal

if u let your body relax your going to twitch if your active and constantly moving you shouldn'tot notice the twitch but it will still be present

You forgot to breath,

Not a Joke!

Well maybe , a little.

But seriously, it is common to breath shallow when you are totally concentrated on something, . Which was probably a fly on the ceiling in your case!

no its not normal. when you smoke you should feel good. if you dont feel good than dont bother smoking

i never had that happen! i love weed! i dont smoke it often tho, but if it doesnt bother u, or feel to weird then i wouldnt worry, everyone reacts diffrent, maybe need to try a diffrent kind, who knows what people put in that crap

i do the exact same thing when i smoke.
its no big deal

Bella Rose
Weed aka Marijuana is not and alternative medicine. You have this in the wrong section.

It is a drug of addiction. It affects your central nervous system. Firstly it affects your brain which sends neurological indications through your spinal chord to the rest of your nervous system. Your nervous system is telling you that it is in stress from using this drug. That is why it is causing you to react in this way. You have no control over your body's reaction to the drugs effect on your central nervous system.

If you keep going down this route you will end up with bi-polar or schizophrenia. Drop it fast and take up chewing gum for stress if you don't want to end up with psychotic and neurological problems.

If you really must smoke, even though it is not healthy as someone said above - smoke tobacco. If you can't manage shaking the use of marijuana then seek professional help from your local hospital or your family GP.

Good Luck!!!

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