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 HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

frank s
is it better to take apple cider vinegar before a meal or after a meal?
i want to lose some weight and lower my blood pressure and for good health.

Susan Yarrawonga
If you take it with a lot of water (several glasses) to reduce the possibility or likelihood of damage to your teeth from the acetic acid which is a bit like etching fluid then in between meals would be the best time.

If you don't want to take it with a lot of water then during a meal would be the best time. Hopefully all the food you take with it will reduce any possible or likely damage to your teeth from the acetic acid.

It is never wise to drink water with meals because water dilutes the digestive juices and that hinders the digestion process.

before meals. But if I was you and you are serious to lose weight first use lemon, waterand honey together evry 20 min. then use gree tea in between, if you are hungry foods suggested will be beets,(organic), radish, apples, and raw almonds.
Then start a profesional detox, from a good source (no every where is good), get into a good diet, no just cut some fats, do the rigth thing like whole foods, organic, greens, fruits, and fish. another thing that you have to do check for hormonal and stress imbalances. georgina@foywellnesscenter.com
NM and LAc.

I read right before the meal

another book said twice daily so I figured at anytime thru out the day

Laura J
Before, but let's get more creative with this.

Get Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar salad dressing and start including chopped salads with about 7 different raw vegetables of color in your salads. Add some sliced turkey, chicken or your favorite kind of fish.

Eat only sprouted bread, like Ezekiel bread. No white bread or Oro Wheat, because they die the Oro Wheat to look healthy. Only Ezekiel or Spelt bread.

Include Flax cereal no Special K. Special K is high glycemic and contributes to Type 2 diabetes. Get FLAX.

That ought to help you to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass as well as strengthen your immune system.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids or otherwise known as Fatty Acids take the bad fat by the hand and lead it right out of the body. Get a good Fatty Acid Omega 3 supplement. (Reverses heart disease, too).

Use your Google search engine and type in "Low Glycemic Eating Chart" and you'd be surprised how many variety of whole foods you can eat and still lose weight. The higher the fiber, the less it will spike your insulin or cause weight gain.

Susan M
Before and during the meal is best.

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