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just recently been diagnosed with asthma was reading that marijuanna will help relieve it, anybody have experience with this?...

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cant sleep very well cause of frequent urination , 2 to 3 times urinate during night ...

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 How should i decide when to go to bed?
Im a little confused....

 Is There Any Way To Get Rid Of Anxiety Without Medication?
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 I'd appreciate some information about natural forms of colon cleansing. I am having lots of uncomfortable?
symptoms and I thought it might be a good way to clean things out. Have any of you personally experienced any particular cleansings that you will share about and how/if they were of benefit to you-as ...

 Don't you hate it when you can't get to sleep,and it's morning already!!??

 how to get rid of canker soar?
i get canker soars and have one now...how do i get rid of it...does salt water help? cuz i think thats how i get them...oily, fatten, salty, junkfood
Additional Details
my mom gives me ...

 Name a natural remedy you swear by?

 where do people get marijuana?

 im always tired, my muscles ache alot especially around the back area and legs. I sleep 12 hours each night?
i sleep for 12 hours and wake up tired and never feel refreshed. please can someone advise of what can be wrong i know my vitamin d levels are low but i am taking supplements.....

 My baby has an ear infection and is now taking antibiotics. Is there any natural home remedy that I can use?
To soothe the pain....

 Is it hot water and then cold or vice versa to cure constipation?

 how to get rid of warts without using medicine?
and what will happen?...

 Ear infection without a perception?
Anyone know of a nonprescription for an ear infection that works? What is it? I am thinking a natural remedy that would work hopefully....

 what r some ways for me to quit smoking weed?
i am 15 i strted when i was 13.I never realised i had a problem until now.all i wanna do is smoke drink and *** some girls.I never use to crave it like i do now.Every time i get money i spend it on ...

is codeine bad for you?
if someone takes it quite often?
Additional Details
i'm not taking it, someone i know is..

Redboy (2)
Not if you are taken it no longer than 3 days on a row...

It can cause constipation if taken for a longer time...

yes after a while its bad.

codeine is an opiate. Opiates are highly addictive. Take codeine often and have a horrible addiction to it. Addiction is not the only problem, but it can be the most detrimental to your life.

Don't take it quite often. Take paracetamol instead. But unless there is something really wrong with you painkillers should not need to be taken regularly, so see your doctor.

DO NOT take on an empty tummy!!

Kernow Lady
It will give you terrible constipation.

Any medication taken too often can be bad. If you need to take it that often you may need something stronger. consult your doctor.

Dr Frank
It is constipating, produces headaches and abdominal pain and is addictive. This is because it is an opiate and about 10% of it is metabolised to morphine.

Yes, it's quite addictive and commonly causes constipation and abdominal pain. It's really not a very good analgesic. Better off with basic paracetamol but ANY pain that persists longer than a few weeks requires investigation. Have a chat with your GP.

In big doses I have heard that it weakens the heart. I often used to use paracetamol with codeine and my friend told me that her doctor said it is not good. So full codeine is not a good thing to have too much of.

My mum used to have codeine, and the doctor he gradually weaned her off of it, because also it becomes less effective when used too often. Codeine is for short term use only, not long term.

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