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 my tooth hurts really bad and i cant go to the dentist any home remedies?

Additional Details
most of you are sayig cloves and i tried that any others and jenny it is sensitive to hot and ...

 Is it ok to take enemas on a regular basis, I take them at least twice a week.?
I find I have more consistant bowel movements between enemas,I also have lots more energy, and feel ...

 Does cranberry juice really help you go?
Just wondering if drinking cranberry juice helps one to go better or more often, and whether there is a better thing to drink that will help?...

 Does Kava make you tired or stimulate?
I was reading Kava does both but for me I just get relaxed and tired any had a stimulate ...

 I need a doctor to answer my question help! sore throat!?
is it possible gargaling chocolate helps cure sore throat!...

 Remedy for Joints that 'Click' alot?
My knees and hips make clicking noises alot {when sitting/standing, or twisting the upper body slightly}, why is this, and what remedy will work to fix the problem.

Thanks in advance.

 What are some natural cures for acne?
I've been using Pro-Active and it's been working okay. But my acne still hasn't went away. What should i do!?...

 green tea?????
does green tea help zits?? Do i have to drink it or put it on the pimples??...

 What natural food or herb acts like a diuretic?
I have a fractured pelvic bone, my feet are swollen, so I need to get the water out naturally.
Additional Details
I am in sort of a catch 22. It hurts to put my legs up. The Dr. says to ...

 does music have medicinal value or is it just a pass time?
I have been hearing from no. of people that music cures lot of diseases. But is it true? or it is just a pass time?...

 what's with the wall in my head?
i always feel like i have a wall in my head. i can't think past a certain point. its weird though because when i've smoked weed the wall was completely gone and i was able to think and ...

 I hear that you should be careful drinking too much herbal tea. how much is too much, and why?
I've been sick with the flu and have been drinking a large amount of herbal tea. does anyone know any complications that may come with that?...

 Colloidal silver recommendations?
I'm helping my mom shop around. Recommendations? Does anyone have some healing experience with it (esp. arthritis)?
Additional Details
PS: Please don't tell me it will turn ...

 Somebody know where may i get methicol? is a natural medicine to liver disease?
I have a cousin that he buy it in Miami, i am in Orlando, but may be by internet may i get it. help me is to send to my cousin in Cuba. Thank's a lot. muelita230...

 Whats the best way to quit smoking pot?

I have a prescription of oxy codone ....they are 325 mg.....how many do i need to take to get high.....???

i dont need any one telling me it is stupid to do drugs and i am an idiot......

 Can takeing vitamin D supplements make one tired?
iv been takeing vitamin D supplements(50,000 units every 2 weeks)
and ive been fine for about 3 months , but can this make me tired? i also have anxiety and IBD?i take this natural thing for ...

 Will strengthening my 2nd chakra help my libido?
Does anyone have experience with this? My libido is nearly non-existent because of birth control (which I'm switching in the next few days so hopefully that helps a bit). Will strengthening my 2...

 Which one is better for allergy,Homeopathy or natural treatment?
i have sinus problem. it irritates me every 10 days... i have been with this for 3 years and I take all treatments like aleopathy,, Homeopathy etc ... is there a permanent relief for this problem ...

 How many hydrocodone do you need?
Can you get high off only one pill of hydrocodone? How many pills or mg do you need to get the high?...

is allium cepa or kali bichromicum safe when breastfeeding? and combined?
its a homeopathic remedy.
Additional Details
anyone know?

Pink Snuggie
No matter how many people, books, journals, etc tell you that homeopathic remedies are completely safe and 100% non-toxic, you need to remember that whatever you put in your body, traces of those substances are secreted into breast milk, and that means your baby is going to ingest them too, I would absolutely talk to your pediatrician before taking them while breastfeeding your baby. Their little bodies are so fragile, their immune systems aren't fully developed...I mean I just think it would be foolish not to at least call an advice nurse and ask her, Whats the harm in that. I would rather be safe than sorry-this is your baby's health you could be affecting. I would want to be really sure of the safety of any medication, remedy, whatever, that i was taking, and that it would not adversely affect my child. I mean, I've read the labels on the bottles of many homeopathics, and they all say something like, "children under 6, pregnant or breast feeding women consult a physician before using this product"...if the bottle even tells you to, maybe you ought to listen to it!

Both remedies are safe while breast feeding ( if not in tincture form ), and both can be taken together, better alternate morning and evening. Good Luck.

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