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 wat douse otic meen???

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 trying to find some herbs that are good for anziety/depression i dont wanna take presription drugs?

im 27 years old and i feel like im 70, i have no interest in anything. why is this?

depression, if you ahve something really great for a long period of time and dont have it again, you get depressed

what happens is your body stopped making endorphins on its own and now you have to to feel happy, i dont know but i think your body will start making them again normally after a period of time. but go see your doctor and he will tell u what to do

Wow, I feel bad for you. I'm 70 and feel like a 27 year old. Life it great, live it to the max.

Take a look at this site.... http://www.eaglespiritministry.com/teaching/texts/

My Zoo
Sounds like depression. See your Dr.

In at least 100 million years of evolution neither us nor any of our ancestors have been exposed to a diet anywhere near as nutritionally deficient as what is presented to us as food today. Most of the food we eat today is based on white flour - that is, pure carbohydrates with 99% of the vitamins and minerals removed. Most of these foods have a glycemic index almost as high as pure sugar. We are also exposed to massive amounts of trans fats, a substance created by chemically reacting hydrogen atoms with vegetable oils in a pressurized tank at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, using an aluminum catalyst.

We have been conditioned to accept eating junk food as normal. Sure we all know that whole grains are "good for your health". But this kind of statement drastically downplays the reality of it. Humans are simply not designed for the junk food we eat. The individual sees others around them eating junk food and accepts it as normal, and we as a society are conditioned by the media and the disease industry (Medical establishment) into not making the connection between diet and disease. One individual may be labeled as having bad genes "causing" ADHD, another allergies, another person's genetics get blamed for obesity... you get the picture. Genetics don't really cause very many diseases, especially at a young age. We might not all suffer in the same way but everyone suffers consequences of an improper diet one way or another. It's possible that some people at the age of about 20 can do everything wrong in terms of health and still be healthy for a few years, but they're on borrowed time and that doesn't last for very long in most cases.

The mainstream media have also completely ignored the short term effects of cigarettes. The majority of the population do not even realize that cigarettes cause depression, fatigue, etc. and only view the consequences as being in the long term (Eg getting cancer at the age of 50) It took me a while to figure this out. I no longer smoke and I feel so much better. If you do smoke, you might want to look into the short term effects of it that the media have never told you about.

In your case the medical establishment would say you have bad genes "causing" chronic fatigue syndrome. Simply avoid all processed foods, trans fats, cigarettes, etc. like the plague and the disease will go away on its own.

You may also want to look into the symptoms and cures for adrenal fatigue syndrome. I happen to own a book on it that I've read, and it is very real and backed up by solid scientific research.

i think its because you choose to not to live your life to the fullest. Why not try to go out and explore the world because through it you also explore yourself. There are really so much in life that you need to know and I believe most of it are beautiful ones. So take that step now before it's to late.

its hard to be motivated..or perhaps theres not enough challenge in your life. try to have positive outlooks on things. obviously, thats gonna take some time to work at. what do you like to do for hobbies? paint? play instrument? learn something? want to learn something? cook? eat? going out? taking pictures? theres gotta be something

It sounds definitely like depression,we all get this from time to time in our lives,and the quick answer is to take some positive action now.First port of call should be your doctor, he will give you a proper diagnosis and advice.Main thing don't isolate yourself get out the door meet people do some exercise even just walking produces endorphins in your brain these are your bodies own natural feel good hormones,speak to people,join a club any club to get you motivated and out the door,but mostly realise your not alone there are billions of people out there,you can also help yourself by helping others ...good luck

Dear...I feel this way too before!!! Please, dont being anxious too much about this!!! I know is a difficult fase, but the life change!!!! :)

Really, I have today 32, and I remember last year, I feel this way, like old lady, and no interest in anything....the same feelings!!! Is horrible, but , I dont know if you are religion person, but this help me, I pray lots and this really help me !!! If you have a Bible in your house, will be good if you beggin read, especially in the Psalms and proverbs, have lots good counsels there!!! Help me a lot!!!

I used to feel like that, I felt lethargic and uninterested in everything. I was inside all the time, I didn't hang with any of my friends and I basically isolated myself from everyone. What worked for me was when I decided one Sunday to go to church and I got plugged in with the people and the ministries.
I'm telling you it was life changing, Jesus is the coolest most wonderful best thing to happen to my life. And it was cool because this church I went to wasn't anything like the cliche hypocritical Christian church, they were loving, supportive and showed me God's love in a way I never knew existed. It was the coolest experience of my life.
That was just my experience and I highly recommend that.

It could be many things Like, not eating healthy. lack of of iron (helps produce red blood cells) Low blood Sugar, not exercising, Depression ,cancer etc. Now it' time to ask your self have I been feeling sad, feelings of being empty, hollow for no reason. If not It's not depression. The 2nd question: Am I eating healthy? Too much junk food soda,candy and other foods that contain no vitamins and nutrients & can make you feel drab ,drowsy, lack of energy. If not, then you need to see a doctor to get a blood test because most of these causes are found in your blood. Like anemia, low blood sugar, diabetes ,low iron or worst case scenario cancer. If it is depression try Saint Johns wort first it's a natural antidepressant. Doctors don't like to recommend natural remedies because they can't make a profit. If you go to a Syco pharmacologist ask about side effects and printouts on the potential side affects like wt gain kidney problems drowsiness adrenal gland and liver problems. Be careful some like to push the newest stuff on the market you could be their next Ginnie pig Tell him or her you want something on the market that been out for a while and has a good reputation. stay away from Most generics they tend to have more side effects. I hope you feel better

maybe you can consider thinking about your loved ones. Make a trip to your parents place and just chat about anything under the sun to loosen things up. Even a walk together in the park can be useful. Just bear this in mind, today you don't only live for yourself. The people whom you love and love you still exists in the world. Show your love to your love ones and in return you will receive the same. Life will be more colourful that way. There are many people in this world who are far more worse than you. So cheer up you still have another 43 years to 70.

Found this quite interesting

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