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 I overdose on ibuprofen all the time, and I'm still fine, so why is overdosing bad?
I take up to 20 at a time, idk why, I just do it sometimes when I feel sad not really as a suicide attempt, the first few times it was but now I know I'm not going to die but I do it anyway... ...

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 each sde of my lips been cracked for 2 months i have tried blisstex vit e carmex?
i cant seem to get rid of this after trying everything i can think ...

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 My daughter has acne that isn't responding to ProActiv. Are there any natural remedies that could help her?
We really don't want to go to a dermatologist and have her be put on antibiotics or other harmful medicines....

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 How long does marijuana stay in your system for?
I have heard 2 days, 2 weeks, Do any pothead experts out there know?
Additional Details
I'm about 6'2 and around 240 lbs. Thanks for all the advice so far folks....

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 Hangover cure: What's YOUR fav?
Mine is:
B4 bed drink 2 full glasses of water
Get sleep
Eat Chile in the morning

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 Please help me to find some medicine?
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 Who has tried salvia?
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 Is it possible to overdose on vitamins?

 Im always tired. What can I take or eat that's natural that will give me energy?
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 Anyone know of any natural remedies to help with memory?
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 Is it safe to smoke weed?
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how to get rid of canker soar?
i get canker soars and have one now...how do i get rid of it...does salt water help? cuz i think thats how i get them...oily, fatten, salty, junkfood
Additional Details
my mom gives me chinese "medicine" to heal it, but it doesnt really work

Sunshine Swirl
To fix the problem from the inside, take 4 L-Lysine every 2 hours after it appears for the first day. Then 4, three times a day for a week. You should see results before the week is up. Then 4 twice a day till it clears up. To prevent them, take 2 everyday and more on days you'll be out in the sun for long stretches. This is what I personally do, since I am severely prone to getting cold sores!

Try Tea Tree Oil.

You go to your dentist and they give you this medicine on a q-tip type thing and you put it on your canker soar and it makes it go away. The medicine hurts like a mo-fo but it does work. I don't know why people get them and neither do the dentists.

Janet C
L-lysine is an amino acid that gets rid of canker sores. You can get it in your local drug store. Also, gargling with warm sea salt water can help reduce the pain. When I get them, I put straight sea salt on them and they reduce in size and it takes away the pain temporarily.

You can take L-lysine, 2 caplets to start, then four times a day: one at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime for 3 days. You need to stay away from sugar. Sugar and refined foods cause the blood to become acidic which in turn causes the canker sores. L-lysine binds with calcium to turn your blood from acid to alkaline and heals the canker sore.

Hope this helps. I use it all the time for my son who gets them frequently, and myself, I get them about twice a year.

Yes that is how you get them and acidic foods do it to. Make a paste out of olive oil and baking soda and apply it to the sore a few times a day. Try not to irritate so it can heal

take a chewable vitamin c and get it wet, then hold it on your canker sore.

♫☆ Y!A Princessღ ♥
Go to the drugstore and buy L-lysine. It works! You shouldn't have a problem finding it.

It is very simple treament.
The important thing is to fit the herbal to your body.

If you want to get rid of basically,
Please visit http://www.harabiclinic.com and read the case
NO2 - chronical stomach pain.

Emily F
campho phenique

I think that is spelled wrong.

Also, oragel mouth aide.

Listerine will work. It will hurt, but will work. And yes, gargling with warm really salty water a few times a day will work.

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