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 what plant or oil is a natural antibiotic?
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Something that works really fast and it almost guaranteed to work on severe constipation. (I've tried Metamucil)...

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yesterday i smoked a very small amount of weed and it was my first time. It was only a roach that was less than like half an inch in length. I didn't feel high or anything since i took like two ...

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 What are some natural ways to help to fall asleep?
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 If a person does a line of coke for the first time, what are the odds they will become addicted to it?
Sites to back up your stats would be great....

 Is there any cure in homeopathy for a person who is carrier of Typhoid virus?
Or else does any branch of medicine has any cure & if so then what is it?...

 What is the most humane way to kill a pet fish?
I babysit my cousin Cory a lot, and he has a pet blue and red beta named Pepsi. So by default, I babysit Pepsi as well. Cory has had Pepsi for almost two years now, and the poor thing is starting to ...

 Is it true that when you're on ecstasy and drink 2 litres of water you die?
I've heard about this, and apparently also your insides start flooding or something like that. It sounds ridiculous but then something is telling me that it might be true......

 what supplements helps you to focus and feel clear headed?

 how can i avoid the urge to do weed?
this might seem like and probably is a stupid question for many. i'm 16, sophomore year in high school. In the past i've smoked weed a few times, I drink often, and don't really intend ...

I have a broken toe(my piggy toe). It hurts really bad. What all can I do for it besides putting tape on it and icing it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 I've hit my daily maximum for antacids. What are some natural remedies for acid indigestion?

 Is there any kind of exercises, or alternative medicine type things I can do to help with ADD?
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 Why do people who don't take drugs answer questions they don't have an answer to?
Why is it that every time someone has a question about drugs 4 people come on and contribute NOTHING to the dialogue and instead say "hey you're dumb for doing this". HOW THE **** ...

 Whats it like to be on Salvia?
its 100% legal and it looks like a lot of fun
i heard that you hallucinate, and if so how much do you hallucinate, and what kind of stuff did u see?
also about how much does it cost?...

 What is the best multivitamin to take for a weaken immune system?
or anything that helps strengthen my immune ...

how is my daughter getting high on vanilla?
i went in her room the other day and i found 2 bottles of pure vanilla extract laying under her bed and she was light headed when she came home from school,,,so i looked it up and found teens are getting high off of it,,,,how is this possible??

LOL omg that is crazy...mayb she is sniffing it up her nose i remember kids at school used to find anything and sniff it...
Or mayb just drinking it all...but i think its the sniffing one for sure....
give her a spanking

D*mn you can get high off of anything these days next you can get high by sniffing your finger.

Even though vanilla extract is made with alcohol. I don't think that could get someone tipsy. Maybe she just got sick of the over sweetness of the vanilla extract.

Here's how they prepare vanilla extract: http://www.myvanillashop.com/how_to_make_vanilla_extract.php

You never know what might she had put in the vanilla. She might had put Alcohol and other some source of drugs.

Yes it is hard liquor as is some cough syrup. Time to read the labels, learn about drowsiness, and lock the medicine cabinet.

She could be using it for the alcohol content.. or maybe she's just baking cupcakes

Native Okie
Almost all flavoring extracts have alcohol in them. Be glad she is not drinking rubbing alcohol because it will kill you.

Vanilla is 35% alcohol by volume. Beer, by contrast, is only 2-6% alcohol by volume. Essentially it's like hard liquor, but grosser - if that's possible.

bronty y
it has alcohol in it.

it has an alcoholic content. aren,t kids great?

Jcat ♥
What others have said....sounds like it is alcohol intoxication. Read this:


"Products that contain the alcohol Ethanol, such as mouthwash, perfumes, cold medicines, and food flavorings, may cause significant intoxication. Included in this is vanilla extract! Especially the imitation vanilla (a member of the orchid family), can contain massive amounts of ethanol alcohol, producing a very dangerous intoxication, and massive, sometimes irreparable damage to the liver and kidneys." .....quoted verbatim from:


Your daughter's health is at risk so time for a lecture on the harms of alcohol. Get some literature from an AA clinic if necessary. Maybe go so far as to take her to see one who has irreversible liver damage in his sick bed!! This is potentially serious.................remember the 22 year old binge drinker who died because he was refused a liver transplant. It was a sad plight and story. Here is a link:

Good luck....hope your daughter sees sense before it is too late. If this is a new fad then chances are you have caught her in good time [thank God above] before she could become a alcoholic...God willing.

Best wishes.

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