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 how much marijuana do you gotta smoke until you feel the effects?
so i have smoked 4 times and still havent felt anything

i heard that people have an "initial barrier" that means after u smoke a quantity of it over a while, you will be able to ...

 why do hundreds of thousands of people die each year...?
Taking prescription medication and no big deal. But let one person die of a natural cure and they can't take it off the market fast enough. I bet I don't hear much from the nay sayers this ...

 is there any natural cure for arthritis. I am in so much pain and?
find myself reaching occasionally for anti inflammatory drugs.

This killed my mom essentially..she took Motrin for arthritis and it damaged her kidney ad she wound up on dialysis which ...

 Advil...pm?!??!!??!!!!?!?! Im a chicken! LOL! help plz?!?
Alright so I posted not to long ago bout taking a PM..but I found a bottle of Advil Pms! Now im 15 yrs old, i weigh 105. And im a HUGE chicken! lol! But my head hurts and I can't sleep! So will ...

 what's the best way to battle depression, the natural way.?

 What's the best natural way to get rid of excess fluid/water?
Massive swelling in both feet and ankles. Caused by a medical side effect of Naproxen. I'm allergic to most medications....

 Is there something herbal I can take for anxiety that you've found really effective(UK?

 how can i cure an xtc hang over? ?
i feel horrible. my stomache is like turning. how do i cure being shot from x? i can't really sleep because i'm still rolling.
Additional Details
haha thanks guys. i'm ...

 Looking for natural sleep aid remedies?
I don't want to take pills but I need something to help me sleep more than a few hours. Are there any natural remedies anyone can recommend? I've tried warm milk, hot chocolate etc. So far ...

 Explain why I'm tired all the time?
I work out 5 times a week get 8 to 9 hours of sleep. And eat a balanced nutrional diet. I also been working out for three years with no more than one week missed out of those three years. Can'...

 Do you know what scents I can use (essential oils, incense) to ward off evil spirits?

 I've been sneezing all day yesterday and today, what could be the cause of this?

 is there a limit to how high a human can jump?
no matter how hard he ...

 I just swallowed about 50 gms of Mustards. My tummy's aching terribly. Please suggest a quick effective remedy
Additional Details

 Why do people keep calling marijuana "medicine"?
If we're going to call marijuana medicinal why don't we call alcohol, cocaine, heroine, and all other drugs "medicine" despite the fact that they are no more legitimate forms of ...

 heartburn! i need a natural remedy!?

 What would happen if I smoked a whole joint?
for the first time?
Additional Details
I would do it with my friend has also never smoked pot....

 If homeopathy etc were banned would quacks just invent something even more ignorant and dangerous?

Additional Details
old know all: you're smart enough to appreciate the scientific value of an anecdote.

I expected better....

 Is there an alternative health option to cure a sore throat other than antibiotics?
My doctor keeps prescribing antibiotic after antibiotic and somehow they don't work, plus they cannot be healthy to be on repeated doses like that,right?
Additional Details
A swab ...

 Does anyone know NATURAL remedies for constipation?
I'm 19 and for the past week i've been so bloated, constipated, cramps Am I PMSing. Or is it IBS.

I was just wondering if someone can help me. I need natural remedies for ...

Leon M
how can i increase my height natural without medication?

U r welcome
if you have big feet dont worry about it but were extra socks

if you are older than 17 you can hardly do anything
else you can go to gym and ask the instructor diffrent ways
he will probably suggest streching and swimming

drink milk i hear

rashi p
height can be increased with homeopathy medicines
till the age of 18 or some times 20years,
for details log on to this web preethomeopathy.com

There are medications you can get through your doctor, otherwise its just genetics that determined your height.

buggs l
lots of streching, good diet, good posture and probably yoga....

drink more fresh milk i think cause i am quite a tall girl hehe i drink milk often and i have a short big sister she don't drink milk but when she started to drink she eventually grow taller in a short period so i think drink more milk may help

eating vegetables, fruits, vitamins and a huge I WAT IT

ent draught

Wear high heels.

Aaron Gordon
I'm your gran'ma! eat your vegetables young man! Go straight to your room and no supper if you don't!

Do you think if this was possible there would be any short people?

KoKoKiTTy is depressed
By.. growing.

You can't!

You can not.

If you're still at a part of your life where growing is possible, then good nutrition is the most important limiting factor.

If you're older than that, then shoes or boots with thick soles and heels might be your best bet. And maybe a hat.

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