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☽-★ Đǐvǐήέ Яάў ★-☾
Why does an overdose of sleeping pills can kill a person?
What sensations do they feel, and do they die in their sleep without any pain? Or does taking a sleeping pill itself is dangerous?

various sleep aids can be deadly because they force you body to sleep which can be anything from slowing your heart down, to making you lungs less functional to causing your brain to shut down. Its also easy to be come dependent on many sleep aids.

Christian Markle
simply put, they are sedatives, and with each added pill the effect is amplified, to the point where the body entirely shuts down

well anything that forcibly puts you to sleep is dangerous because you could vomit in your sleep and choke or just go into a coma and never wake up or simply just slow your heart too much

This is extremely dangerous especially in combination with other regular pills such as a headache pill don't take them I regret ever taking one... I was hospitalized for this and before i fainted it was very strange i was all dizzy apparently i sighed and fell i whacked my head off the bathroom counter too ouch !

it can kill someone by the different chemicals and ingredient is suppose to help you sleep our what ever problem you have. They only put so much in a pill so if you take to much you might not wake up or it will mess up your stomach

3l Aprendiz
Sleeping pills are very common. People use it in thinking they will fall asleep and die, that's not true. It causes great stomach pain and can be very painful. ChaCha!

In all medications there are various drugs that when combined they heal the pain you are in. If you take any kind of medication there are risks that if you take to much you could die from overdose of that drug. When you have an overdose its almost like your drunk or drugged because that's what you are so you just sort of pass out and die. All medications have risks you should talk to your doctor before taking anything. Oh and please if you are trying to kill yourself don't do it your life is worth living and purposely overdosing yourself is a stupid idea.

I'm not entirely sure but I think that people die because their bodies can't take it and it just shuts itself down. However, from what I heard it does not cause any pain.

Veronika B
dont ever do it. it that theres too much chemicals in your body.

Because it shuts down the autonomous and semi-automatic nervous systems.

Every-time I've died from an overdose of sleeping pills, it felt like a thousand naked Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were smothering me with some sort of balloon like thingys, but they weren't balloons, they were thingys attached to their ches - oh wait a minute - never mind. That wasn't an NDE!!! That was an episode of "Little House On The Prairie" SORRY!

It's why it's called an overdose. An overdose of anything can kill you.

It would slow down the brain (and messages it sends to the body) and this causes the brain to stop telling the heart to pump and the lungs to breath.
I would think someone would just "slip away" not noticing they were in trouble.
Taking sleep aids, responsibly, and when needed is not harmful if not done over long periods of time.
This is a discussion to have with a doctor.

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