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 10 points !!!What do you call the people who do autopsy's on people ??
10 points =]...

 what's the cure for asthma?

 If conventional medicine is so wonderful why does alternative medicine exist?
I keep hearing that people who use alternative medicine are deluded. stupid, only getting better because of the placebo effect etc and that if it works its conventional medicine, if it doesn't ...

Im in so much pain
I have the worst ear ache ever
im about to cry
i cant sleep coz im in so much pain
it feels like someones stabbing my ...

 Are there any real doctors out there?
That will not stop at only treating the symptoms but dig deeper to find the cause of our sickness. Why is this so hard to understand?
Additional Details
One of my friends was being ...

 Sore throat cure?
I have a sore throat from eating too many lollies and chocolates at my friends party, it's really hurting and im wondering does anyone have any natural cures? I hate lozenges, and i want ...

 reasonss too smoke the weed!?!?!!?
you see i have a friend named alex and he thinks that smoking weed is bad and won't ever do it!?!?
I try to get him to do and no he just won't..
i tell him how great ...

 Does acupuncture really help with sciatica?
My husband has lower back pain radiating to his left leg. he is in absolute agony & the strongest analgesic does not help. [the next level of pain killer would be morphine.] Does acupuncture ...

 Smokeing pot makes my day. Does it do the same for you?
Smokeing pot makes my day. Does it do the same for you? I reallt honestly think Marijuana should be leagal. I guarntee that it will solve the country's money problems. AND i guarentee you that ...

 Is Chiropractic a legitimate therapy?
Or is it alternative medicine? What evidence is behind it....

 How to clean my marijuana bowl/bong ?
I no its illegal and dont tell me its illegal
it should be illegal for you tellin me its illegal
Why cant we smoke somthing that the earth made ? but yet people smoke tobacco , and drink ...

 Alternative Medicine?
I am curious to learn what alternative medicines exist for the following ailments (not for myself)?

-high blood pressure
-arthritis/ fibromyalgia

 This is going to sound really strange lol....Should I try it?
I have a bad cold that just won't go away. I've tried a bunch of medications, and I'm pumped up with vitamin C lol. My biggest complaint right now is my stuffy nose...it's ...

 y r all mumz stiffs?
plz tell me my mum scares me with her constant belief that she nos eminem asked by eggbert age 97
Additional Details
as asked by my idiot 15yr old!...

 What alternate medicine would you recommend?
I'm 19 suffering from chronic headaches and back pain. I tried regular medicine, but it doesn't work....

 Is taking adderall without a prescription against God's will?
Is it? My friends tell me that taking an adderall will really help me with my Spanish Final. It's going to be a really hard test counting for more than 50% of our grade, and Spanish is my ...

 Does anyone know how to relieve a boil ?
Does anyone know how to relieve a boil in an adult. She has been taking paracetmol & is on penacillin tablets but is in a lot of pain. Any suggestions ? Its at the top of her leg....

 Will this be ok.............?
I've got some "All-purpose" bleach in the cupboard. Does "All-purpose" mean it can be used for anything? It's just that I've run out of haemorrhoid ointment....

 Is herbs better than medication?
Mom's got Ulcers, she's wondering, and also diverticulosis. so it's either taking herbs or medication, which is better?
Additional Details
my mom's been taking ...

 Herbs that can be smoked?
Today I smoked a bit of thyme, but on my first drag my eyes just stung really bad.
Is there any herbs I can smoke that will not do anything painful like that, just something I can smoke every ...

Why do the paramedics strip be completely naked if I'm in a bad car crash?
When I crashed my car last winter,I had to be brought to the hospital,and I wasn't completely awake.When I woke up,I was just in this paper thing when I remember being completely dressed.I felt embarrassed that they saw me naked.

Animal mother!
Yes, to check for injuries!

to make sure there are no hidden injuries

We can't treat what we can't see.

If you are in a significant wreck, we will strip you to make sure there are no hidden injuries, especially if you are unconscious or semi-unresponsive (obviously if you are less than fully conscious, you won't be able to tell us where it hurts).

We are extremely professional about this, and make every effort to keep your dignity intact.

Usually when I have to strip someone, I'm careful to leave enough clothing intact to retain their modesty (if at all possible), and I always cover them with a sheet as soon as I've checked for injuries.

it's waaaaaaaaaay better then someone raping you

Luv Ya
yeah, I've been in four and one was major-they stripped me after life flighting me, I'm sure they do it more then 3 times every day, so I mean they're not going to remember every body they look at...and I'm sure they're just in a rush and trying to find problems that they really don't take everything in...just more on, it's not worth worrying about, I just hope you're alright after that accident-I know it took me over two years to recover, and I think the best part about accidents is getting up and standing taller then before, I just hope your alright and I hope you can just move-its really the only thing to do

It is embarassing. But it is neccesary. If you are unable to tell them your injuries, they must investigate on their own, which includes cutting off a $120 jacket, $80 pair of jeans and and $18 top. I'm not even going into the shoes....those were knocked off of me. Claim it on the insurance later and be happy you are alive.

They have to be able to investigate your entire body. Would you prefer it if they said, "Ooh, this might embarrass him, let's just assume everything's okay!"?

Devil Doc
We remove the clothes so we can do an assesment head to toe front to back. I have cut of a guys ostrichskin cowboy boots and he wasnt happy but I would rather cut off things in the field that u can buy than they cut off things cause u wont be able to use that leg, foot, arm, or u lose your life cause we didnt see that hole in your back. And as a professional we dont notice cause we see it daily we are concerned with saving a life not checkin someone out.

We do that (trying to leave underwear on) so we can see everything. It makes it easier to spot injuries that the patient may not be aware of. If someone breaks their leg the pain may be so bad that they don't notice a cut on their abdomen that could be more serious than the leg injury. It also gives us easier access to veins so if we need to start an IV we don't have to roll up sleeves. Its mostly so we can find injuries, but its also to make our lives a little easier.

#1 reason - not all injuries are visible.

As a former medic, trust me we don't notice.

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