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 If you have a cold, what are the best ways to heal quick that aren't taking medicine or vitamins?
I want to find a natural way to heal my cold with having to swallow or drink "artifical" medication. I was thinking orange juice, cause it has vitaman C and stuff....

Why do doctors overlook natural treatments and instead use prescription medications for most ailments?
Doctors frequently overlook natural treatments like vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle changes and instead prescribe megadoses of prescription meds. Why do they do this? Is it financial? Is it what they've been taught or is Western medicine just plain more effective?

Doctors are not generally trained in "healing". Ask any pre-med student how many classroom hours are even offered about NUTRITION, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, supplements, etc. ... usually 1-2 chapters in the textbook and 1-2 hours of classrooms. That's in four YEARS of study! Never mind the NEXT four years in med school. Isn't that so VERY amazing?

The commercial medical industry is (usually) more interested in MARKETING expensive interventionary procedures (profitable) and pharmaceutical chemicals use (profitable).

Teaching about nutrition and healing will COLLAPSE most of the medical industry, so "they" certainly don't teach it. The (corporate) pharmaceutical industry is who subsidizes the medical schools, the hospitals and the publishers of "medical practice" information. Un-licensed practitioners are subject to prosecution and even LEAVE the country as a result.

For instance, "laetrile" treatment (offered in Mexico or Europe) is ILLEGAL in the USA (for cancer). Do you know what it is? "amygdalin" ... Vitamin B-17

Gary Y
Because the vast bulk of alternative medicine does not work better than placebo. Doctors must stick to medical science - evidence based medicine. When you get a serious pneumonia, are you going to take some herb, or go into hospital for real treatment?

EDIT: natpractitioner, that study you cite, which by the way suffers from publication bias, does not constitute evidence of efficacy of CAM treatments.

Because they can not profit from natural cures. and thanks to the F.D.A, No natural thing can be labeled as a drug. but they label marijuana as a drug, go figure

Depends on the Doctor and depends on the ailment, but yes, there is an enormous amount of pressure on doctors to prescribe.

This pressure comes from the Big Pharma companies and also from the patients who have been brought up to believe that only 'a pill' can make them better. This is especially a problem in countries where prescription meds can be advertised on TV and in print media.

I don't think 'natural' treatments are totally overlooked though; some countries and practices are starting to embrace complementary therapies but only where there is some evidence that it will work. Lifestyle changes, vitamins, massages, exercise, and some plant remedies like peppermint and aloe vera are one thing, while hippie **** like naturopathy and homeopathy are quite another, and there is a tendency for some people including doctors to lump them all in together.

I believe that there is a fair amount of research being done into why traditional Chinese medicine is more effective on Excsema than 'western' medicine.

Hope that is helpful!

Generally, doctors are not trained in herbal medicines and dietary supplements so it isn't the first solution they go for. They are also under a lot of pressure from the pharmaceuticals and patients to "prescribe a pill" to take all their problems away.

By the way, Catalan -- you should get your facts straight before looking so foolish. Naturopathy is practiced by trained health professionals that utilize the lifestyle changes, vitamins, massages, exercise, and plant [herbal] remedies that you admit are scientifically proven effective. Then, after listing these things, you call naturopathy hippie ****. Please make up your mind and get your facts straight, lol.

By the way, lest you think according to CN's comments that MDs are all ethical and use only effective medications, read today's Fox News report on doctors' use of placebos. Here is a snippet from the story:

"About half of American doctors in a new study regularly give their patients placebo pills without telling them.

"That contradicts advice from the American Medical Association, which recommends doctors only use treatments to which patients have given their informed consent.

"It seems like doctors are doing things they shouldn't be doing," said Irving Kirsch, a professor of psychology at the University of Hull, who has studied the use of placebos. Kirsch was not linked to the research, published Friday in the British Medical Journal.

"Doctors may be under a lot of pressure to help their patients, but this is not an acceptable shortcut," he said.

Placebos were defined in the study as treatments whose benefits derived from patients' beliefs they would work, not from the actual drug itself. They included painkillers, vitamins, antibiotics, sedatives and sugar pills."

Yes...you could be pregnant!
a few reasons
1 most 'natural' treatments either dont work or have no proof that they work apart from someone writing it on a website and the av joe just beleiving it.
2. many medications are derived from natural substances eg aspirin from willow.. so the really beneficial natural substances are taked anyway and turned in to drugs.
3 bugger all regulation of claims from natural therapies.benifits and harmful effects
4 all docs try lifestyle changes but patients are lazy and want quick fixes
5. and yes western health doesnt have much teaching or faith in natural medicine as well

Judy B
Most vitamins and supplements have not been studied for safety and effectiveness. Of those that have been studied, few are as effective as Western medicines. BTW, about half the medicines doctors prescribe are derived from natural plants or animals.

Most doctors do recommend lifestyle changes (eat better, exercise more, stop smoking) but few patients comply with those recommendations.

Hi. I've been a doctor for the past 3 years so I think I'm qualified to answer your question.

Doctors don't overlook natural treatments. We give it all the time. We tell our patients to stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, eat well and exercise and reduce stress. That's more natural than eating grass or weird juices right? Vitamins are looked at as, at the most, harmless when taken properly and may actually have some benefits.

Prescription medication on the other hand are given to help the patient. Can I in good conscience tell my patient to just take plenty of vitamins and a herbal when he's suffering from pneumonia? Why don't I just give him a safe and effective antibiotic? Can I tell a patient suffering from high blood pressure to take garlic tablets when I have not seen studies on its efficacy? Why not give him, along with advice on lifestyle modification, proven anti-hypertensive meds that will lower his blood pressure and prevent the onset of kidney failure, heart disease, etc.?

So to answer your questions:

Why do we do this? Because it's what works.

Is it financial? We do need to eat, just like your homeopaths and naturopaths do. We just charge you for the consult. As for the big pharma, that's another issue.

Is it what they've been taught or is Western medicine just plain more effective?

Yep, this is what we've been taught. It's both a science and an art. Yes, Western medicine is just plain more effective.

THANK YOU for the question.

I think that a lot of it is financial. Having worked in a medical department, the drug reps were constantly pandering to doctors, with no real reason other than to brand a drug into their heads. So, of course, if Drug Company X has been really nice to you, you're going to be nice to Drug Company X. Prid pro quo. I think it's also what is taught in Western Medicine. The ideology in medical schools is: isolate problem, treat isolated problem. How can physicians treat holistically when they've been taught to only treat isolated problems?

It's a rare physician that takes into account other bodily systems or overall health. "You have high cholesterol? Take a pill. Heaven forbid I ask you to change your diet or exercise." That said, there's also an unwillingness for patients to change their unhealthy behaviors. So maybe doctors think that we won't do what they say anyway.

This is a good question. I will try to answer you the best I can based upon my own life experience. I have worked as a Pharm Tech for a major pharmeceutical chain. I also have varied experience as a Medical Assistant for the past 25 years. I am now a Certified Massage Therapist with my own practice.

Working in doctors offices, I have seen that they do suggest lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, changing diet, beginning exercising. I have seen doctors suggest vitamin therapy and suggest that the patient can research for themselves herbal rememdies, but of course, to consult the doctor before beginning any herbal remedy. I have also seen this working as a Pharm Tech - people coming in asking where the best calcium supplement is at or nicorette because Doc said so. The reason why doctors CANNOT suggest any specific herbal rememdy is because of insurance liability because of the inconclusive results of testing done on herbals. As time progresses, the tests are more conclusive such as: St. John's Wort will make one sensitive to the sunlight and mess up birth control pills; don't take garlic or vitamin E if you are also taking a blood thinner. As previously stated, most pharmaceuticals are derived from plants, just refined and extremely concentrated into pill form. A very small percentage is actually chemically/lab made. Most people want a quick fix for whatever ails them. American Lifestyles such as the workplace don ot support a person when they are ill so the patient insists they have to go back to work ASAP to help pay the bills or face being fired. Just ask anybody who has had to go through cancer and chemo therapy!(Shame on Corporate America!) They also don't want to be told that they screwed up their bodies by making poor lifestyle choices, basically refusing to take responsibility for their own lives. As a massage therapist, I still see it, almost weekly. Someone will come in, claiming they've "tried everything" and don't really expect massage to help them anyways, not caring or trying to understand how massage fits into a healthy lifestyle.

As a holistic practioneer, I view Western Medicine as complamentary to a healthy lifestyle. Western Medicine scientists and doctors have tried to "improve" on what Mother Nature has provided for us. Both Western Medicine and Eastern Philisophy and Holistic Lifestyle choices all have their place, but all work best when working together. It should never be a debate about whether one form is better than another.

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