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Whats the best over-the-counter sleep medicine?

the one that makes the butterfly fly around in your head at night. and the white night was talking backwards!!!! remember waht the door mouse said!!! free your head!!! freee your head!!!!

tyenol pm..I take one every sunday! i don't like my work place!

I agree with the above - my unk is a doc, he said benedryl - funny, I just took one!

The PM's sometimes leave you feeling funny the next day, but, they do work - benedryl - no morning fuzziness

Sweet dreams!

Benadryl or Tylenol PM. They work!

Take a look at the ingredients on any OTC sleep aid. You will find that virtually all of the PMs have the same active ingredient as Benedryl. They just have acetaminophen or other pain relievers along with it. Benedryl will make you sleep better, but they do cause a fuzzy morning.

I very seldom use anything to help me sleep but there are some nights that I feel that I need something. My husband needed something to help him sleep about a year ago when he hurt his back and he bought some of the PM Goody's Powders ( they are like the BC Powders that have been around for ever). One night I was feeling bad and was aching all over so I took one and I went to sleep and did not wake up all night..usually when I feel like that I will toss and turn all night. Now when ever I feel that I need something I will take one. The directions say to take 2 powders but I only take one and they work great for me.

I took tylenol pm for 2 years and HATED the fact I was hurting my liver and waking up 'drugged'....I started taking MELATONIN last week and WOWWIE!!! It's fabulous, fast acting, safe, and cheap! RESTFUL SLEEP TOO!!

MELATONIN ROCKS!! :) Try it!!!!

T Quin
The best idea of trying to get a decent night's sleep without relying on over the counter sleep medication is to:
1) Avoid drinking caffeine drinks before 4PM.

2) Smoking will not help as it has nicotine will keep your mind running, without a break

3) Have a good hot bath before bedtime, prefer to use anything with lavender in bath soap, lotion, bath or shower gel.

4) Read a good book until your eyes feel tired.

5) More importantly, THINK HAPPY thoughts, never think about anything that makes you angry or worried ~ does it help you sleep if you feel worried or angry?

It can become an addiction if you start using 'sleep medication once, and you will rely on more, just to help you sleep every night. Not a smart move!

Good luck, my friend

if you watch tv before you go to bed...put the tv lower than eye level, then you are keeping your eyes semi- closed! Stupid? maybe, but im out by Letterman's top 10.

Melatonin works wonders for my son and for me!

benadryl keeps me up.....it can in some people and most of the otc sleep aids are the same chemical as benadryl. Melatonin is good but not if you are young. when you supplement your body with any hormone your body over time may lessen how much it naturally produces because it doesn't have to any more. but as you grow older your natural levels of melatonin drop so if you are over 30 then go ahead. My herb of choice is valerian root. It works super well especially if you just can't slow your brain down enough to fall asleep. Calcium/Magnesium supplements are good too. Warm milk and a turkey sandwhich work too.....warming the milk activates the tryptophane in the milk and turkey is chocked full of tryptophane (that is why people feel drowsy after a big turkey dinner....well that and the starchy overload). and tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin which converts to melatonin as you are falling asleep.

Melatonin is very safe and inexpensive.

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