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Additional Details
I came here to get answers, not your anti druggy ...

What exactly happens when you take LSD?
Disclaimer: I really would not like to hear "oh, don't do that, it's not worth it" and "damn, kid, you stupid" because that gets old and tiresome after a while. Yes, I know drugs aren't technically good for you. Yes, I know they're illegal. However, that won't ever stop me from taking them.

On to the question: Can someone give me a detailed description of what happens when you take LSD? How long does it last? Any bad trips?

Your brain gets nice and screwed up and you jump or try to fly off of a bridge because the drug makes you think you can fly and than you fall and you wind up mentally retarded for the rest of your life

if you mix it with alcohol. you wont be able to move.

Ez J
Cannot be explained. You might end up with spinning red eyes like I did though.

Stew Bidasoe
you go crazy like charles manson.

LSD effects different people differently. Also no two trips are the same, so an accurate portrayal of an lsd trip is hard to do. Also many of the effects of LSD cannot be described with words because they are just so complicated. Basically you see, hear and taste things differently. Most often patterns on walls or distortions of things that are already there as opposed to true hallucinations. LSD is also known to trigger synthesesia (spelled wrong) which causes you to hear colors or see smells etc. In some people LSD can cause life-changing religious or philosophical experiences. Also there is a chance of a bad trip. These are characterized by increased anxiety and fear, as well as severely scary visuals. People who have a good set and setting and are calm are significantly less likely to have a bad trip.

cupake .
It's a different experience for each person, really. So you'll probably hear an array of answers. If anything, you can YouTube or Google search for some personal experiences as well.

Well its different for everyone really I heavily recommend going to erowid.org and looking up some experience reports for lsd those are always fun to read!

Bad trips are what should concern you. Some people try it and dont live to tell about it...You cant tell if you are going to be that person until its too late. A trip lasts for HOURS and if its bad, you're out of luck..its like a horror movie you cant get out of. Even if youre having a good trip, it takes the tiniest thing to turn that around for you. Stick to sniffing sharpies

it lasts a LONG time, and mushrooms are MUCH better, happier, with a general better feeling to them. Mushroom trips last 6 hours and acid trips last around 12. With mushrooms you also have much more control over how much you are taking, they are natural and much safer. I would recommend those if you want to trip, really.

Special K
you go to another dimension

after 25mins or so you'll feel so relaxed and sometimes tired, and then you'll start giggling, and after about 1hr you'll experience some open eye visuals and you'll enjoy music so much more!

TV Fakery
Different for each person, each time. Great trips are absolutely amazing, while bad trips are terrible. Definitely worth trying, but as another person wrote...shrooms are a bit better.

Its different for everyone. Sometimes you hallucinate and it can range from visual-audio-touch hallucinations. Some things will feel funny and your world will be opened up in weird ways that you never thought possible. LSD leaves you permanently scarred. However, we only get one life so its around there on my to-do list.

edit: as long as you only take one tab and keep repeating to yourself that its all part of the trip if things turn around you should be fine. I hope youre good at calming yourself.

Brandon W
Hmm well dependin on who u get it from is wat effects it will have cause some ppl add other stuff.last time I took it I said whatever was on my mind nd didn't remember wat I was sayin it seemed like my vision was blinkin my eyes real quick when I wasn't I felt happy about every thing I had a huge smile on my face my throat did get a little dry a few times ppl look dif sometimes seems like things are movin in a circular dizzylike motion nd ur hearin is decreased...all this is just from my experience every body is dif so there 4 u never know unless u try

It causes wires to get crossed in your brain so that what you see and what you imagine can become mixed up, and the senses can become confused. For example you will see sounds, or taste colors, etc. It also causes a sensation of being detached from your body. The side effects are you can have flashbacks years later and relive trips when you are not actually taking the drug.

It was originally developed as a possible treatment for depression, because it causes increased brain activity. Some people believe it stimulates part of the brain that usually lie dormant, granting extra sensory powers, or greater sensitivity to the metaphysical realm.

It depends what you take and how much of it.

The worst trip I had:
When people walked by their shadows looked like demonic replications of the actual person. Pretty much like the persons 'dark side'. The 'shadow people' tried to grab everyone that walked by.

I kept seeing demonic faces and stuff in the dark. I was really freaked out. It was the last time I think I will ever trip balls.

My best trip:
We were in a room that had rainbow paint splattered on the wall. All of us just starred at the wall and talked for hours and listened to trippy music.
It was really amazing how beautiful the colors were.

Frankie V

That is all the info you need to know, on one webpage.

hawaiian mike
how long it lasts depends on the strength of the dose. you need to consider the "company" your with when you "dose". you need to be mentally prepared when you do,because your mentality dictates your "trip". just remember not to let the drug take controll,
do the drug,don't let the drug do you,so to speak. REMEMBER you can controll your "high"
a typical dose can last anywhere from 4 to 12 hrs,so plan ahead ! your "environment"is essential to your buzz.
you'll know when you start to "trip" it feels like butterflies in your stomach,you'll see "tracers" (when something moves) everything will be "enhanced",you may laugh (uncontrollably) at the slightest movement or comment. it's kind of like a collidescope of color and movement,it IS a "FRAME of MIND" think positive thoughts and it can be an awesome experiance. think "good time" an have a good trip,but if your not in the right "frame of mind"it can lead to a "bad trip,"and that is NOT the objective
personally,i've felt it 20 mins after i dosed,and also waited 2 hrs before i felt it,just remember you can always add,but CANNOT subtract

Italian Stallion
when you take a hit of acid, you begin with a little 1 cm X 1cm piece of blotter paper that should contain roughly enough for you to feel it. i suggest this for a first timer. if you want the full experience, take two or three. do this in the afternoon, it's fun for there to still be some daylight when you start trippin. anyways, it takes about 45 minutes to kick in, but when it starts, you will be very uncomfortable. you won't know if you are hungry, cold, have to burp, poop or throw up. chances are, none of them are accurate... just get pastthe 10 minutes of discomfort and you'll be fine. then, you start feeling it in waves. you begin to have little 2 second headrushes that feel like you are in a dream. then you realize that your fingers feel like vienna sausages. your mind starts to race and you get antsy and want to do something. i recommend going on a walk through nature with your friends who are also in on the trip. lie down in the woods and look up through the trees at the stars. let your eyes focus into nothingness and the trees will blow in the wind and morph into cyborgs that are angry and want to get you, but are restrained by some greater life force. you begin to analyze the world you live in and decide that yes, there is indeed a God, and he's a pretty cool guy. when you leave the woods, make a campfire and stare at the flames. you can see people dancing if you look closely. when to fire goes out, sit around the hot coals and watch them glow bright as the wind caresses the top layer and you will feel like you are sitting on a mountain top watching a city live beneath you. perhaps the most important part comes near bedtime. the trip lasts about 7-8 hours and its usually around 5 or 6 am when you're trying to go to sleep. but you can't. no matter how hard you try, you can't turn your brain off. so get some techno "(infected mushroom" is a great band) on your ipod and slap those earbuds in. buckle up. you will now witness the greatest light show/psychedelic trance in the universe. eventually, the lights turn into dreams and before you know it, it's morning. you still feel a little strange for the next day or two but it's not anything that will affect your everyday life. so i hope you enjoy your trip. and remember: just keep smilin.

Psychedelic Panentheist
LSD changed my life. It awoke me to higher levels of consciousness, that I could never of even imagined before.. Showed me a spiritual side to existence, that I had never seen before. It saved me from the drag of material atheism.

The first time I took it, I was expecting maybe like grass with colors and stuff, it was far beyond that however. I felt my ego dissolve, I became one with everything. There was no this or that. An hour seemed to last an eternity. Music periced right to the soul. It is unexplainable, how beautiful music is. I have no doubt that if everyone took psychedelics at least once we would have a much better world. People would be much more in touch with themselves, each other, and nature as whole. People wouldn't be so hypnotized by culture.

Words really can't describe it. You learn things and develop insights you might not be able to in a lifetime. So much depends on what you are doing, your surroundings, and frame of mind (the set and the setting are very important). Pure LSD is used by psychiatrists and is safe when properly administered. Problems come in when what you are taking is simply 'acid' or something close but is manufactured by amateurs. Then you are taking your chances, and could chemically injure yourself. Many people end up having to take antidepressants like Prozac *for the rest of their life* because of chemical damage to their brain. Just know what you are doing.

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