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 I have just got into crystal healing and meditation, and started a yahoo group- how do I get ppl to join?
Basically, none of my friends/colleagues are into to this, so I can't invite them, and I don't want to poach members from other groups. Are there so few ppl interested in this? If you want ...

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 HEALING arts / technologies?
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 Does anybody have a remedy for an on again off again headache?

 bowel cleansing ~ pros cons and recommending cleansing ideas?
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 In Oregon you can get a Medical marijuana card how do I find the docter?
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 Did airborne work for you?
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 i went to the hospital to donate an organ but they would not take any - why is this?
it was a good old bontempi one as ...

 Is homeopathy useful for healing broken bones?
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 anything about meneirs disease?
home remedies for meneirs disease
massage tips for meneirs disease
eating/exercise habits for meneirs ...

 Bates Method - any successes out there? Share stories please.?
I'm living proof that it does work. Used to have 4/20 'average' binocular eyesight (both eyes simulateously) and after only a month, increased the 'average' to 10/20. I used ...

 Bad blood circulation is giving me Lobster hands! What can I do?
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 my ears are driving me crazy with bad itching and pain is their any home remedies for itchy ears?
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 How do i beat a urine test using home remedies?
I smoke Marijuana at least twice a day and have been doing so for 5 yrs and weigh 200lbs....

 homeopathic or natural remedy for UTI and staphylococcus epidermis?

Additional Details
Treated with Macrodantin for 7 days ....

 Which is the simplest book to learn the basics of Acupressure?

 gout. Can any one give Siddha/Ayurvedic/Homeopathic medicines for Gout?
A swelling occurs frequently in my left leg, mainly on the toe joints and in the left leg ankles. My uric acid level exceeds 7. I am a strict Vegetarian, aged 47, Male. No other problems like Blood P...

 any homeopathic/Chinese herbal medicine for pituitary gland reactivation, especially after the age of fifty?

What does the label (on herbal medicinal bottles) "No approved therapeutic claim" mean?
I am a fan of herbal medicine but the label "No approved therapeutic claim" puts me in doubt of it's effectiveness.

it means that the product is not classified as a drug.
the label has nothing to do with whether or not the product is effective. if a cure was claimed the FDA would deem the herb a "drug" instead of a supplement and it would be available by prescription only....which means it would no longer be available in US

It means that they have not conclusively determined that this will cure it. It is a way to say they are not liable if you don't get better.

Judy B
It means the manufacturer has not done any studies or found studies done by anyone else to show that the pills are safe and effective. Legally, therapeutic claims cannot be made unless human clinical trials showing effectiveness have been done.

Some herbals have had some studies done, but not enough to justify the claims. You are correct to doubt effectiveness. You can check claims on PubMed (link below), enter the herb name in the search field, and select "human", "clinical trials" under limits.

You can also sign out "Tyler's Honest Herbal" from your public library or buy it and use it to check out any herbal remedies you are considering.

Nutritional supplements are not allowed to make claims about their products without extensive clinical research. That is why you will always see that disclaimer.

Even though products do not make claims, there are extensive clinical trials going on all the time and the information is available through resources like Natural Standard. Many supplements contain ingredients with rock-solid proof of effectiveness.

Also, you can research particular products at NutritionalTree.com which rates products according to conumer reviews.

it means the FDA has not approved it as a medicine that can "cure" something with provable results...doesn't mean bad or good in my opinion

Brian A
It means that they have no scientific studies to prove the medicine's effectiveness and thus cannot make any claims of such.

Linda W
It's a law that they have to put that on their bottles or the FDA will slam them against the wall, close them down, hand out big fines, put them in prison and whatever other nasty things they can get away with. To me, personally, it doesn't mean anything - if it helps me in some way, and doesn't hurt me I'm gonna take it.

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