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What do you feel like when you take/smoke these?
My friend does coke..i don't..i never have or done, acid, Ecstasy or pill's..well Vicoden..only!
my friend said she's either going to get some coke, acid, or Ecstasy or some pill's...that F*ck you up..because we are hanging out on New years eve..
we will be drinking and smoking weed...and which ever of the drug she get's.
&& Is it true that you have to be atleast 16 to be able to do acid..or it kills you...?

What's does it feel like to be on those drug's?
Additional Details
i feel really scared to do X.
maybe acid or pills....i'm just scared it'll kill me.
i'm 14...and my friends 16.

Jessica G
X leaves holes in your brain
acid messes u up real bad
i lost many friends from doing drugs
drugs make you into someone you are no and someone you don't want to be
trust me if you try any of them you WILL regret it :(
best of luck darling

Need to talk?
I can and has killed allot of people. You are scared for a good reason!

If you hit coke your F$%^# Screwed. You will be a feen forever!!!!No Joke. Kick her to the curb and let her go?

Are you prego?

u are of the age of my g/children hence a peice of advise.
do not try any of this. do not be curious abot how u will feel if u use them, as this curiousity can get u hooked up to them, and that is end of ur life. if at all u want u can try weed, this will make u numb to ur cerrounding

DON'T smoke pot if you take ecstasy. It's POSSIBLY lethal. Anyways, if i were you I'd go with the ecstasy. It's pretty safe & you'll have THE GREATEST TIME OF YOU LIFE. Also, don't drink.

Coke is a big waste of money. The high lasts 5-30 mins. (depending on the potency). And you'll just want more and more.

Definately, you're gonna wanna roll X. Or either acid. If you choose acid or ecstasy, DO NOT TAKE OTHER DRUGS OR DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE ON THOSE DRUGS.

Lacey 66
This is nothing to fool around with. Drinking and smoking pot are one thing, but you're talking about much harder drugs here. There is no set age at which you can start using, you just shouldn't start! Hard drugs such as Ecstasy, coke, acid, and heroin are very dangerous, the first time you use them may be your last. Not to mention that certain drugs can make a person dependent after the very first use! I cannot stress enough that everyone reacts differently to certain drugs, and mixing drugs and alcohol before you even know how you normally react to them is even more dangerous. If you feel you must do something, stick to the weed and alcohol, but do not leave your house! (Absolutely NO driving!)

drew h
its horrible it will mess up your life, im a person strongly against it.
you should not even be doing that stuff.
it can kill you even if you were 20.

You can do drugs at any age, although a teenager's body and mind are changing so quickly it may have drastic and permanent psychological effects. That said, I did plenty of acid when I was a teen and I think it helped me further my understand of life, and eventually made me mature. When my friends were trying drugs in college, I had already been there and done that. It saved me a lot of dumb experiences. That stated, I had friends that weren't able to handle it and did things like freak out and call the cops. That is no good.

Coke-is a very buzzy, tingling, excited feeling. It is like caffeine x 5000. It depends on how much you do. I assume you are going to be snorting powder. Make sure it isn't cut with anything toxic. Many bad drug dealers use baby laxatives or powdered milk to sell more product for less. Those substances make it burn really badly, and can make you vomit or nauseous. It is easy to overdose on cocaine, the comedown is terrible, it is very expensive, and I have never had a good enough time to consider it worth it. You will tick a lot, blink a lot, be really annoying, and probably make a bunch of bad decisions. Who wants that?

Acid-I firmly believe that acid should only be taken in a controlled environment with responsible people you love and trust. It is very easy to have a negative acid experience, especially if it is your first time. For a first time, one hit is more than enough. It is impossible to tell you what your trip will be like, because everyone is different. For me, it is like having a dream in my own mind. I am very unaware of my physical surroundings, and can easily be taken advantage of. I suggest you google acid+trip experiences and do some research before you take any. It can be a dangerous substance, and can leave you feeling depressed, isolated, or detached for weeks, months, or years. Are you sure you want to get into all of that? For me it was worth it, but I know others that wish they never would have. My best friend for example, saw a scary face every time he blinked for two months. Of course, he took 7+ hits, but still..

Ecstasy-Is my least favorite drug ever. Why? It can eat holes in your brains. People say that if you take fortified B-12 you have much less chance of dying, but do you really want to do all of that? It makes you feel very aware of physical surroundings, and unfortunately many girls are raped while on it.

And now for the real advice. I am strongly against recreational drug use. I have lost friends because of it, and almost lost myself (bad acid, too much). When I go to parties now and I know all of my friends will be flying high I stay on the sober side. It is hilarious, because nobody realizes I am not just as goofy as them. I make MORE friends, have MORE control, can pretty much hang out with whoever I want, and I can take care of my friends if they need me. I am always the coolest person there, because I can form a sentence, and don't make silly embarrassing mistakes. In pictures I always look better, and it makes me more of an individual.

Cocaine is incredibly addictive, and it is a nasty habit. You may not sleep, there are too many negative side effects for me to consider it worth it. Good luck, stay safe, and have a happy new year!

i have tried xtc
weed coke n weed
yeah they make u feel good n gives u adamn good high
but i dont recommend u do it....
its not really a good way to start living....ure young. let time pass dont mess with anything like dat,
if anything stick to weed it wont kill u other drugs have a bigger chance ithey will....

verm money
wow. only one person actually answered your question and the rest of the people just lectured you about how dangerous drugs can be. don't let people scare you into not experimenting and having a good time. just to clear some things up... real ecstasy is not a date rape drug. when girls take "ecstasy" and get raped, it's because they were lied to and given a date rape drug. it's IMPOSSIBLE to know what's in an ecstasy pill unless you have a test kit (which i assume you don't and won't have) .... so just be careful with ecstasy for that reason. it's true, ecstasy can create "holes" in your brain, but you have to frequently take it to do serious damage. from what i've read, not many people who are giving you their "answers" have actually researched any of these drugs or have ever taken them. so just remember that when you read what they are telling you. if you get acid, that's great. just don't take too much. and just be careful with any type of pain killers. they are probably the most dangerous drug for a person that is your age. don't do too much or else you'll stop breathing.

Cold Fart
If it were me, I would just stick to the alcohol and weed. I drink a glass of red wine once a month for no reason, and that much is healthy. Never tried pot, but I've done enough research that I can tell you that it's healthy for you. It'll make you lazy for a little while.

The coke, X, and acid is what really concerns me. All three are OD-able. But I'm not going into that, because there's a very very good answer above, from their personal experiences. Good job on that answer BTW.

make it happen?
you should do shrooms or x wayy before you think about dropping acid.
it's not your age, it's the fact that you've never done it before.
when you do acid it's pretty intense, you wouldn't die, but you would probably just freak out from the hallucinations.
if you do x, since your only 14, you should probably just take 1 or 2 ecstasy pills.
but for your first time, i wouldn't drink and take x or coke at the same time.

Candi Randi
why dont you just smoke or drink... you dont have to take any drugs if you dont want to, and if you take them against your will it probably wont be the best experience of your life...

it wont kill you to take acid, but dont take it if you dont want to or have any second thoughts!

Modern Einstein
Stick to weed and acid
Niether can kill you or make a negative impact on ur health and they are the best highs anyways

dontstealthegovhates competition
Your age has nothing to do with how you'll react to the drugs

Edit: Ecstasy does not put holes in your brain... that's just the propaganda talking....

MDMA (ecstasy) by itself it is pretty harmless...
The most dangerous thing about ecstasy is that its cut with other things like: Meth, Aspirin, Caffeine, Ketamine, Lidocaine, MDA, Fentanyl, etc....
If you do decide to take ecstasy make sure you drink a lot of water so that you don't get dehydrated

Edit: There has never been one death solely caused by LSD... except for this one elephant >.> but it still hasn't been proven if LSD had anything to do with it

The most important thing to do when your using psychedelics is to focus on your set and setting
What i mean by that is: your mental health... what kind of state your in before you take it
Are you nervous, happy, sad, horny, worried, depressed?

If you take LSD make sure your around people that you trust
Its important to be in a setting where you feel comfortable
Those are just some things you have to do to avoid a bad trip

The last one would be to... NOT resist the trip from taking over, a lot of the times people want to feel like they are in control when there not... and that causes them to get scared.. The best thing to do in a situation like that is to just "surrender" to the trip and remember that it will end and your not going to die no matter what you think..
Just remember that no one has ever died from taking LSD (even huge amounts)

You said your going to be drinking alcohol and smoking weed...
So if your going to combine any drugs together it would be these
This is your safest bet:

Weed+LSD+ Ecstasy

alcohol+weed+LSD= the alcohol tends to take the edge of the acid (just don't go overboard on the alcohol)

I'm not going to tell you to not combine the drugs cause your going to do it anyway but these combination's CAN be dangerous unlike the ones i mentioned above

Ecstasy and Alcohol
they put a lot of strain on the kidneys
heavy drinking can lead to dehydration and a much worse come-down; makes overheating much more likely; (alcohol is involved in most Ecstasy-related deaths) if you do this remember to drink a lot of water

Alcohol and Cocaine - the two combine to form cocaethylene in the body, a compound which increases the effect and puts more stress on the heart (will this hurt you? depends on how much alcohol and cocaine you use)

well that's about it
good luck!

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