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Does- PCOD hindrance to conception?...

 Healing with the power of the mind?
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What is this called and do you know where I can find info on it.

Thanks in ...

 Question for a homeopath: ignatia amara or lycopodium?
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 Ance Problems?? Please helppppppppppp!!?
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 Sleeping Problems, Insomnia? Is my schedule to crammed? Herbal(Tea, Marijuana) vs Synthetic(Ambien, Lunesta)?
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 Need help in homeopathy medicine please. I found out Nat. Mur is best for my symptoms.I was getting nervous?
after some family members got sick. and hearing all the bad news on t v and few tragedies in family..work pressure etc.
I would feel restlessness in mind and take 1/2 tablet or 1 tablet of L...

 Any homeopathic Dr Out There? Tinnitus? ( Sonavil )?
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 Who can I talk to about this?
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 What are 10 benefits and why I should own my own small chiropractic practice? please help?

 what are the risks off homeopathy?

 What will happen if I gave my 2 year old 1 half of a 500mg chewable vitamin c tablet?
My 2 year old son has had a very bad cold for the past 2 weeks now, so this morning I gave him a piece of a 500mg (800%daily value)=250mg (approx400%daily value) fruit flavored chewable vitamin c ...

 What is a Fast Effective Way To Calm My Nerves, Besides Smoking A Cigarette?
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 Can you buy raw milk around Louisville?
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 What's better for a sore throat: salty, spicy, or sweet?
Okay, I've always heard that gargling salt water can cure a sore throat. But a friend of mine told me that salt makes it worse.
Today my mom said that spicy foods makes your sore throat ...

What do I need to start an Herbal Store?
I have always been interested in herbalism and alternative medicines and have been self teaching myself for many years. One of my friends has suggested to me that maybe I should open my own business and sell many of the tinctures, salves and infusions etc that I have been making. It's something that I have been considering at least in passing, but I'm not entirely sure if I know what's needed in being able to open a herbalist store and being able to sell the products that I make myself. Can anyone help me out?

William T
You need the stones to lie to sick people and scam them out of the money that they should use to buy real medicine.

There is a great opportunity to join my organization of Tianshi Health Products, where you will be selling the finest Chinese Herbal products in the world-wide market today. With these products you will have the opportunity buy wholesale and receive bonuses after your first purchase order. You will be able to sell at your own store or sell to other stores, such as health foods stores, etc. They not only have the top of the line products world-wide, but the best prices and no competition, because you will be buying direct from the company. Please e-mail me at willycolon2004@yahoo.com and I will get in touch with you..

Poor William needs more drugs to further poison his body and mind.

Check with your local government to find out what kinds of permits etc, you will need. Also start building up a client base now. You don't want to be stuck with a big rent payment for a store and only a couple straggling customers walk in.

There is no reason you can't start from home and work your way up to having a store front. Expenses will be low until you get a big enough customer base to warrant opening a store.

You will also have time to figure out if this is what you really want to do or if the demand is high enough in your area without losing everything.

Also make sure you have several reliable and safe suppliers of your herbs. There has been a lot of problems lately with tainted herbs from China and other poorer countries.

1) For a start, to sell homemade salves and such you'll need a workspace that has been (and will frequently be) inspected by the health department.

2) You may be required to have a degree in herbal medicine, depending on your location. In the USA, you will NOT be permitted under law to say or label products in such a way as to lead people to believe they are a cure or even a treatment for injury, disease or disorder. You can say something like "People have told me they've had results using this ointment for that condition" but that is as far as you can legally go.

2.b) You will not be permitted to say "Oh that looks like psoriasis/a mosquito bite/a dislocated shoulder; try this." That is diagnosing a condition and prescribing treatment. The AMA and their lawyers frown on that.

3) Again in the US, you'll need specialized liability insurance -- product liability and since you're presenting it in that manner, professional (aka malpractice) insurance.

If you still want to do this, get in touch with your local SCORE or SBA office. They'll help you find the right regulatory offices to talk to.

Good luck!

Janet S
1. Contact the Small Business Administration for help in putting together a business plan & calculating the costs for start up and maintaining the business for 2 to 3 years. They can also help you with rules for your state & locale, licensing, etc. If there's a college anywhere around, SBA may have an office there.
2. You will never be able to make enough product to stock a retail store. Look into suppliers and determine what you want to sell. Some options are a) bulk herbs, b) live plants and seeds, c) books & magazines.
3. You're going to need shelving, lighting, counters, cash register, sacks or packaging materials, credit card machine...and on and on. Count the cost.
4. Research, research, research. Take surveys. Make phone calls. Ask a banker what he thinks. Find out if this is financially viable in the area where you live.
5. Have a long range advertising plan & budget in place. Hire a pro to help.
6. Plan for hiring a clerk. You can't run a successful retail store without help. If you can't afford help, you can't open a store.
7. Consider your options. You could run an on-line store for a while. Try something on E-Bay first. Sell to your friends. Go to craft fairs with your products. Get some experience in marketing, packaging & bookkeeping.
8. Go visit similar stores in other towns. Find out what the owners or managers would have done differently if they could start all over. Look at what they're doing that seems to be effective. Ask them how long it took them to start making a profit.
9. Consider working as a clerk in someone else's store, if you haven't already done so. It's great experience & will teach you a lot you didn't expect about the do's and don'ts of owning your own business.

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