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 should i try smoking weed?
i want to know what the community of yahoo answers has to say....

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 STRIP NC detox to pass drug test.?
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 heard a theory! is it true?!?
i heard that hand sanitizer is bad? cause it doesn't kill all the bacteria and makes it multiply or something?! haha just curious! cause i use it ALLLL THE TIME!

thanks :)...

 What Is the Best Thing For A Hangover?
I went Out 3 days on the Drink (piss) im as sick omly out of bed after 2 days in bed..... whats to best thing to get over a hangover or cure a fella??...

 Herbal treatment for adult ADD?
My fiance has ADD and the normal medications always tend to yield horrendous health problems for him, so we figured we would try to go back to nature to try and find something to help him.


 what is the most powerful antioxidant out there?
Antioxidants and other cancer preventers?
anyone know what the best antioxidant out there is, I have heard of green tea, gogi berries, olive leaf extract among lots more, anyone know the best ...

 Why make flavored medicine if it doesn't taste good?
It is very rare to find a good working chewable or liquid medicine that doesn't have a taste, and why do most come in grape or cherry flavor. They don't even taste like the real thing.

 Whats your opinion on Marijuana?
do you think it's bad? Good?
whatever side you pick, why?...

 can u smoke duct tape?
ok i was told u can and i wasn't sure if i was being lied to or not but i just wanted to know if u can smoke duct tape and get high off of it....

 whats a good supplement to just feel good?

 what a good vitamin for a 19 year old?
what a good vitamin pill for someone who is 19 and working out, my friend told me you should take them in general but especially when your working out. would the women's once a day work? I would ...

 help!!!!9 year old daughter has scratchy throat she's has 2 go to school?

 Do you use a microwave? If so, how frequently (scary study)?
(The question above/below was posted by someone who has excluded many intelligent and interesting people on this forum from answering. This is a chance for everyone (as I block no one) to answer.)

 What is a good natural remedy for stress?
What are some healthy remedies for stress? Im tired of the medications my dr's give me they do nothing! help!...

 Why don't doctors study more on fungus?
I know for a fact that it's not included in their studies, and there seems to be something big here. Are they scarred that cancer is a fungus and thus can be treated and cured?

 How are you supposed to learn about homeopathy?
Whenever you "debate" with quacks they say "you know nothing about it".

But it simply makes no sense... Do you have to suspend disbelief?
Additional Details<...

What are some good ways to get in touch with my higher self?
Or talk and get advice to it?. I know meditating is one of them...but what else?.

All negative comments will be reported.
Additional Details
I am mentally healthy there's no question about it. But i know the monks are very intuitive in that way..if you don't know what i am talking about then read up on esther and jerry hicks book "Ask and it's given" then you will know what i am talking about.

Mark N
meditation takes years of practice to reach enlightenment don't report me but ket is good short cut for travelling the mind not that i would encourage any one to do drugs shhhh

i just read a summary of that book sounds similar to a ket experience to me makes you see the world differently afterward with more peace clarity and perspective but at the same time when your there the dissociation of mind and body can feel like your dying (rebirth) its been used in psycotherapy


Give a try to Transcendental Meditation.
Plenty of books available on the subject

Obviously meditation as you already said, Another method I think would be to view and live through your heart.Stop and smell the roses, see the world for what it really is, try to experience it a little bit daily..... Peace....

As you have already mentioned, I think that meditation is the best way to do that. You don't have to become a monk or anything like that. Just simple practice of breathing calmly for 15-30 min every day really helps. That's what I've found anyway... Also, pay attention to your dreams. :) I've been receiving many interesting messages and premonitions through my dreams. Love and light

BTW I am a big fan of Abraham's teaching!


I think that if you returns to the basics...nature, healthy eating, good sleep, exercise, meditation, finding a mentor, will help you accomplish that.

Stay away from self proclaimed gurus who sells gadgets and stay away from people or things that your gut feeling tells you to avoid. Don't make yourself vulnerable to con artists who can detect your weaknesses and exploit the situation.

There are no quick fixes to get in touch with your higher self. Check Oprah website and find the book A New Earth...that will be a good start.

The person who recommended tripping mushrooms must be smart cuz that can be a great tool. I would recommend adopting a vegetarian diet (vegan would be ideal) because you are what you eat and when you eat non-living foods you can take on a sort of dullness. Also, consider going to a energy worker (polarity therapy for example)

Coop &lt;3
In all honestly: tripping. Try mushrooms.

fishing f
Good Orderly Direction look into spirituality see what clicks with you. I myself am spiritual but not religious I feel that religion is politics and man made I feel close to my higher power at all times. I like seeing natural things like the woods, beaches, nice things that are not yet ruined by man.

all the tools you need are within you. here are a few ideas. try sitting on the floor, cross legged with your hands on your knees and take deep, long inhalations and exhalations through the nose. if it helps, turn on some music that you find really inspiring. or simply listen to the sound of your own breath. you have to do this for a few minutes to really get into it and feel the effects, but it does work. also try lighting a candle and simply falling into a daze staring at the flame.

or, if it is available to you, go for a walk in nature by yourself, or sit by a lake or ocean or stare up at the sky and allow yourself to fall into it. or take an ashtanga yoga class. ashtanga is pretty intense, so if you are not the "meditating type" this is perfect for you. basically you work your body really hard to finally be able to totally relax and let go at the end of the class.

like i said, it's all in you. find something that suits your personality as something you could do regularly, and slowly the layers will start peeling off, and your higher self will be revealed.

Jon S
Yes mushrooms will definitely be a great third eye opener. On a sober note, I go to the desert and enjoy the calm quietness.

Jackie C
There are many ways a person can get in touch with their Higher Self. There are many schools of thought on the idea. Some people believe in 'Cosmic Ordering' which is like making a shopping list of our wishes. There is the nature aspect. If you like the outdoors on sunny day, go somewhere which you find inspiring and just 'be'. Silencing the mind can sometimes awaken the Higher Self. When our inner 'maniac' can be quietened enough to listen to our Higher Self, we can achieve clarity. Getting in tough with the ground, the 'earth mother' as it is sometimes referred to is a relaxing way to ground ourselves and get clear about stuff. Also, there is simple meditation, which you already mentioned and it probably one of the best ways, but not the only way.

There are lots of books which can tap into other areas of the mind, like Louise L hay, M Scott Peck, Richard Bach, Carlos Castenada. Try one of those if you fancy an inspirational read :-)

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