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 Natural Blood Pressure reducers?
I need to lower my blood pressure, and I don't want to take a lot of medication. Does anyone know of any natural remedies that may help? I do not have any allergies, and I am consulting with ...

 What are the best alternatives to Xanax?
I know they say St Johns wort is good for depression, but what about anxiety and panic? I'm a 40yr old woman, really not into addicitive drugs-even when they are legal....

 Can I buy Homeopathy Medicine Without a prescription in Delhi?
Such as Zinc Met 3x,or 6x or Selenium 30 Vanadim3...

 The Strongest Non-Prescription Painkiller?
The Strongest Non-Prescription Painkiller?

does anyone know, reason for me asking is because i had headaches and i was given paracetamols and i was wondering what The Strongest Non-P...

 What are good foods to eat while you're on antibiotics to boost your immune system back up?
I'm super sensitive to antibiotics, and rarely take them unless absolutely necessary. One reason is that they hurt my stomach--doesn't matter how what I drugs I change/take. Any tips for ...

 Overdose of pills/allergy pills?
What if you take a lot of allergy pills and overdose? What will happen?

Do you know any pills that if you overdose, you faint/black out for ___ period of time? But not too bad of side ...

I am a 21 yr old female, I am having severe pain in my chest on the right side that radiates to my upper back...and i have also noticed that my stool is black...sorry to much info. the chest pain i ...

 How many of you are high on MaryJiWanna?
Be honest you red eyed little monsters.

that's high on marijuana if you didn't get it.
Additional Details
I wanted people to decode the word, obviously. And ...

 what are homeopathic remedies for cancer?

 Is there a natural way to get rid of keloids?
I have a few keloids, some bigger than others, from past acne and i was wondering if there are any natural or homeopathic ways i can get rid of the keloids. I heard about extra virgin olive oil with ...

 Remedies for withdrawal headaches?
Hey there, I smoke a great deal of weed and I'm going to be quitting for a few months here to clear out my lungs body. I don't have any problem kicking a habit but i was wondering if there ...

 So I wanna get high but be safe about it, can anyone help?
Im trying to stay away from illegal drugs, so after doing research i've discovered to things that can get you high Nutmeg and Saliva...Any advice or precautions...?...

 herbal cocaine what is it?
theres this new stuff out where i live and ive never taken drugs before but its being sold from a legitimate shop and its totally legal its some form of cocaine only its not the illegal version of it ...

 Please can you help me to cure my daughters sickness?
Dear Doctor,
My daughter is 20 years old.Since she was 11 years old,she is getting the epilepsy attack twice a week or sometimes once a week. No famiily history.From the time ...

 What do yall know about natural cures?

Additional Details
Thanks for all of yall's answers....

 whats the best weed ever?
I need to get suppa high!...

 Can A Regular Juicer Also Juice Wheatgrass?

 Does Apple Cider Vinegar really work...?
I heard it's a cure for many things. When you drink it you ph balance is more alkaline than acid....

 Which statements about homeopathy is true?
1. High doses of drugs are routinely used in homeopathy.
2. Homeopathic claims that the more dilute the remedy, the more potent it is in treating a health condition.
3. Homeopathic ...

 Need help with finding a good form of Magnesium?
Ok i need help with finding a better form of this nutrient.
I have to take Magnesium for my asthma and i also have a heart arrhythmia as well that i use it for.
I am currently taking "...

The Importance of Multiculturalism?
Why is understanding the ethnicity, customs, and way of life, traditions, and mores of a specific society (multi-culturalism) important to today's health and wellness professional?

Jcat ♥
Because we live in a multi-cultural society so need to have a basic understanding of others cultures, traditions, religions, etc. To be caring really and want to gift wellness you need to tailor your advice with their lifestyle in mind..

This article might be of help if you can hold of that:

Here is a brief article that might be of help also:

Run a search on: providing optimum healthcare in a multicultural society
.............or similar key words...

Good luck with your research.

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