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Prunes and constipation!?
So I have been constipated from a week now! I am starting to feel uncomfortable about it and dont want to take laxatives or enemas! I would rather treat it naturally. My question is if I eat some prunes how long will it take to work and will it give me diarrhea?

Thats the age old question about prunes:
Is one enough? Are ten too many?

For one thing, make sure you've stopped eating the BRAT foods which will surely constipate you
B = Bananas
R = Rice
A = AppleSauce
T = Toast

Good luck.

Laurence B
Ha ha, you will be shittin' bricks this weekend, or get really sick and have to go to hospital. Use laxatives you fool!

lol my sis was constipated and she ate prunes 4 like a week and a half, but they didn't do anything so she eventually used laxatives.

Pop P
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Prunes are a great natural laxative that should take effect several hours after eating the prunes.

Atheena W
no it will not and it better to drink prune juice or boost or ensure from your corner store but regular prunes,grapes, or raisins are fine to eat.

They work overnight - syrup of figs, dried apricots similar fruits do the same thing.

You don't get diarrhea as such - no infection and not as bad but if you eat too many it can be like it (but not last as long or be as painful and with more "warning"- or have the same risk of infection / spreading to others).

prunes do nothing to soften hard stool and that is why you are constipated, your stools are too hard. They are too hard because you do not drink enough water, you need to be drinking two quarts a day. Suggest it may help to get some docusate from the drug store, it is not a laxative, all it does is draw water from the body into the intestines so the stool becomes soft. But you still need to be drinking a great deal more water than you obviously are.

Spinach and prunes work great! For faster results try prune juice. I think they are all tasty. Not everyone agrees. If you go overboard you may have loose bowels. Nothing uncontrollable.

I don't think that the prunes will give you the diareah. They are suppose to move your bowels naturally. If you are really backed up they could take a couple of days. But they should work in a day.

May I recommend peanuts in the shell to get things moving? This is always a surefire way to get mine going again.

Sweet L
Phillip's milk of magnesia at bedtime, forget the prunes. Just make sure you don't need to go out of the house for a while.If you still can't, take more till you do.

prune juice 100% pure prune juice. it will work fine. might get a little. but that is part of it. It will work because I have had to do the very same thing, my doc recommended it so i know it's alright.

so sorry best wishes.

Texas Wildman
just go and eat some salads. and you will go. for sure.

I see u looking at me

Maud L nick-name,Eugenie

prunes and constipation?
yes prunes are good for constipation,
but do not take too much,you will get diarrhea,
take 5 or 6 at bedtime,tomorrow you will go.

what helps me is eating a sour apple in the morning and drinking a hot tea right afterwards, or eating cherries and drinking water right afterwards, or drinking luke warm water in the morning. also eating baked beans helps.

Just drink a small glass of warmed up prune juice.That should do the trick.

Yes, prunes should work. Or prune juice. Some of that and oh mama you'll be crapping like crazy.

You need to drink a lot of water and go for walks. Along with the prunes and other fruits it will work. It all depends how long it will take.

Prunes are very high in fiber and that's why they may cause you to have a bowel movement. Not sure how long it would take for them to work. If you aren't used to eating them it could be a couple hours to overnight. It could give you diarrhea if you eat too many.

However, a stool softener would be much better for you for right now because you have not passed a bowel movement in such a long time.

Treat the reason why you get constipated - not enough water! Make it a goal to drink more water so that your colon doesn't have to take water from your stool and thereby constipating you.

Also, get into the habit of going to the toilet at around the same time every day.

Another helpful thing is to go to the toilet after meals - it involves the gastrocolic reflex.

Check the link below for more info.

Dry Prunes should work fast probably one hour, also drink lots of Tamarind Juice you can find it at any Hispanic Grocery Store, hope you get better soon.

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