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Over the counter concentration medication?
I have a really hard time concentrating in class, studying and my test scored are really bad. I know adderall is really good and I wanted to talk to my doctor about it but my friend told me there is a medicine over the counter that helps with that. I think she is referring to energy pills. Anyone know some alternative pills to adderall?
Additional Details
I'm 20 so I really don't want to discuss this with my parents.

Big B
You must flow like water. Concentration comes from deep within, with self control, meditation, and constant prayer. Our bodies were created to fulfill life to its fullest without the aid of outside chemicals. Do or do not, there is no try. Ask God for healing, and you will succeed! Your faith will give you what is needed in life.

Most of them work just fine.

You just need to go to the doctor. You obviously have ADD. And energy pills will give you energy but they won't help you concentrate more or help you study for tests. I have exactly what you have... can't concentrate, hate studying because it just goes in one ear and out the other, and have a really bad time with tests. I'm 22 years old and I have been on adderall for almost 10 years and there's not a day that goes by that I don't take it cause if I don't, I don't get anything done. Good luck. Also if you have insurance adderall doesn't cost much at all and is completely worth it.

try skullcap (an herb in capsule form) and drinking a cup of coffe before school-without sugar.

All of the medications of "concentration" are stimulants, mostly in the amphetamine class. While there is no over the counter substitute for amphetamines there are many products that act similarly, all of which contain caffeine such as No-doze, etc.

So-called energy drinks, such as Red Bull, are another cheap alternative - being nothing more than flavoured water with caffeine added.

You could also speak with your parents and see if you could go to the doctor for a real evaluation and treatment if needed. I think you deserve it.

Don't try energy pills - they will give you a boost then you will crash. If you want to be able to concentrate better start taking Ginko Biloba now - and continuously for a year. That should help you more than any over-the-counter instant acting stimulants!

lili t
brewers yeast is a good one, (form of vitamin B)

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