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Free Thinker
Natural remedy for Strep throat?
Does anyone have any success with using natural remedies for Strep Throat? Please give details. I already know I can see a doctor, that is not what I am asking here.

hwa g
Just gargle Listerine pure hold it for a few minutes. Try every fiteen minutes until you feel better. Just try.

natural remedies: take antibiotics
location of antibiotics: doctor's office

Brice H.
Strep is essentially incurable by any medicine anyway...

What's actually fighting it is your anti-bodies.
The only thing medicine ever does to help cure a virus, is boost your anti-bodies.

Lay low and drink plenty of fluids of course...
but also be sure to eat eat eat as best as possible.

Potassium can help greatly as well, as it increases the activity in your blood stream and metabolism.

Give your cells and body plenty of energy to work from.

We use Colloidal Silver spray, directly on the throat (kills germs and bacteria). You can find it in most health food stores. Also, take Elderberry extract to boost your immune system. Garlic is also good to eat or take the gel caps (has mild antibiotic and cleansing effects).
Hope you feel better!

Iris the Librarian
Strep is a serious infection that can get out of hand and go to other parts of the body if not treated by a medical doctor. In my son's case, he has a heart murmur. If he ever gets strep in his heart,it will kill him.

This is not a condition to treat with home remedies. See your doctor.

Alex F
Gargle hydrogen peroxide. It works really well. Really
I also use it for sore throats and being sick.
Just don't swallow it (theres a whole health practice aroundt that, but if you want to do it, you have to buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, and then dillute it to less than 1%).
I'm not sure if this counts as a "natural remedy", but the naturopaths basically endorse alternative health/non conventional medicine, and the oxygen therapies fall under that bubble.
Techincally peroxide is basically natural since your body produces it to kill bacteria anyhow.

Hopefully your strep throat is light enough that gargling H2O2 will kill it, but otherwise you might need to use more drastic methods (like swallowing it, or seeing a doctor).

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