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 Alternative Medicine for IBS?
I had a intestinal/kidney/pancreas ext shutdown, and since there's no real diagnoses for intense chronic stomach pain they said I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Anyone have any alternative cures?...

 Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy?
does anyone have any experience with hydrogen peroxide therapy? i would like to know of anyone who has any stories especially relating to alzheimer's disease. I know all about the nay- sayers... ...

 The Great Homoeophatic Challenge....I dusted the heavy cannons.?
The Truth about Homeopathy
Anyone treated by a homeopath can attest to its efficacy. It works on animals, babies and unconscious people. Hardly what we would call the "placebo effect"! ...

 how to loss weight?

 are there side effects in taking Charantea?
side effect of this medicine.....

 Can Pin Worms be treated over-the-counter? If so, how much is the medicine? Any natural remedies?
I cannot afford a doctor, so if there are no over-the-counter solutions I will just keep my worms.
Additional Details
I cannot afford a doctor, Mrs. Until the goverment makes health ...

 Why can't orthodox medicine intigrate with complemetary medicine?
Richard Dawkins programme "Enemies of Reason" showed how scientists cannot get their heads round the fact that you can't apply scientific principles of testing to an area of medicine ...

 is there any way to improve the eyesight when i m using spectacles
is there any foolproof way to improve the eyesight.
I am using spectacles and the no is high -7.5, And my age is 26 and i dont want to go to any medical treatment.
So if you know any ...

 menstruation and coconut juice?
many says one should not drink coconut juice or eat jackfruit while having one's menstruation. do you have any scientific basis for these? ...

 Does Alpha-Stim CES Work?
The Alpha-Stim CES medical device is supposed to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia in a very short time using something called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES).
Does it really work?...

 What natural substances are known to increase serotonin and endorphin?

 does anybody know how to contact or set up an appointment with dean kraft the healer?

 If homeopathic 'medicines' are simply very diluted, coloured water,?
would their patients be happier with faithful old Beer instead, which is basically water safely diluted with 5% alcohol?
Additional Details
So, almost all of you are, like me, in favour ...

 do you know any sleep remedies other than pills?
i cant go 2 sleep thats why im on the internet. do you know of any remedies?...

 I have never been to a chiropractor but would like to go. Any advise?
What should I ask them when I go in there if I want to experience any basic healing or body work there? Do they only take patients who have a problem or do they also take people for "maintenance&...

 Medicine of Quran eyes?
does any one happen to know where i can find the medicine named Medicine of Quran that can cure eyes

 Where can I buy Oregano oil in the UK?
I've heard its good for thrush....

 Is there a good herbal supplement combo that will help with depression/focus/memory?
I suffer from depression, lack of concentration/focus/memory. I basically want a better brain/mind/emotional health (also tired a LOT). When I get down, I get really down, like very hopeless. I ...

 What is the shelve life of wellbutrin SR?

 Homeopathy for Serous Otitis Media or Otitis Media w/ Effusion! Help PLEASE! I'm flying intl. and sailing sun-
I've had this for months, I guess only thing docs can do is surgery as antiobiotics aren't much help in this. Anyone know what homeopathy remedies I could use that are likely to help me? ...

Is there a natural way to raise the amount of DMT in the body without smoking or injecting?

I would try looking at the sea or take up jogging it is a power thing so i heard plus the bonus is you get to have calmer days on your own its lush and us english love that try it .... x

Rum Stem

those r both stupid answers.

this would be a very interesting thing to research, i wish i could help you more than i could, but so far im pretty sure that melatonin is the only thing to increase the dmt levels in your body (while u sleep, at least). i really wish i could help you more, and let me know if you find the answer, thats really interesting.
just smoke it man

dontstealthegovhates competition
i suggest you look up a book called "dmt the spirit molecule"
if by raise you mean releasing it into your body then yes...
in the book written by rick strassman, its believed that dmt is released during heavy REM sleep, birth, death, and NDE (near death experience) when the body is under really high amounts of stress,
meditation is your best bet at achieving this if you want to do it naturally
good luck!

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