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Sameerah K
Is Valerian tincture good does it work, does it help you sleep?
I would like to try it if it helps me to sleep.

Dr Dudar
yes and yes

very good stuff - it wont make you sleep but will help you relax so that sleep occurs

...and provided you have it in moderation it doesn't make you cloudy the next day

Yep...it knocked me out when I recently was going through bereavment and fighting a legal problem that was worrying me. But it also gave me headaches - perhaps I was taking to much!

Yeah but you may be better trying a herbal tea that contains Valerian first, you may not need it to be as strong.

You get really good tea's from Holland and Barret with loads of stuff in them........

Hops, Valerian, Passion Flower etc. Taste nice as well

Very good as a relaxant if your anxious about flying etc and helps you to relax when you are trying to sleep☺

Valerian is wonderful! I have had spectacular results with it. You may want to try finding capsules. They're usually cheaper than tinctures. Oh, and be warned. Valerian smells like dirty gym socks. Just so youknow.....:)

I've had luck with simmering a half ounce of valerian root in a covered pot with one and a half cups of water for thirty minutes and then filtering. The simmering part is important, if you boil it, the house will fill up with a really nasty smell, and the goodies may be destroyed by the heat.

If the tincture is 1:1 strength, you'd take half an ounce of the tincture. So, you can see tinctures can be very expensive. Also, the tincture probably says a dose is a dropper full or something along those lines, and at that dose, you won't feel much. You can buy valerian root at a store or online from large herb vendors with a high turnaround rate. You'll have to experiment with the dosage as well. You may want to start as low as five grams to see how it affects you.

I've found valerian to be an okay sleeping agent.

Hope that helps.

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