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 how do i treat anxiety and increase serotonin naturally?

 When people meditate each day does it keep them from spacing out?
I have discovered that many people can not handle their problems & they calling it being vague. I know that people with addictions are going somewhere so they can escape. Does meditation help to ...

 What can you tell me about a natural diabetes "cure"...?
mentioned by Kevin Trudeau in his updated edition of his "Natural Cures" book. He references an interview with a Dr. Yung Su Kim and a "combination of herbs researched at the U...

 whats the best thing for a hangover!??!?
i've tried different things but not helping... Please give me your opinion.....

 Any ways to stop a cold/runny nose, besides drugs? Natural ways, like plant remedies, foods, or drinks?
I am sick and off school, and I really need to go back and catch up on what I missed, but I know I wont be able to stay the whole day anyway, because I feel horrible. I am typing this out and feel ...

 thc problem, Any help?
My boy friend has a really big job interview coming up, he stoped smoking about 5 days ago, he just got done taking a home thc screening kit, and has been taking azoes ( with are intended for ...

 What have you found to be the best way to relieve tension?
I find smoking pot helps but then i dont wanna do anything.......

 Is vitamin E supplement good for a woman?

 Are there any side effects to Olive Leaf Extract?
If so, how common and how can they be avoided? A ratio would be great ...

 why do the alties have problems interpreting data?

 any nuturopaths here, need to know the truth about coconut oil?
is it safe to take daily. I am hearing different things on ...

 Which is the best medicinal plant for human well being?

 Can I take Tylentol With Codeine and Vicodin within the same couple hours?
i took tylenol with codeine at around 1:20.. its 2:52. is it ok to take a vicodin pill? or how long do i have to wait. the pain is bad....

 why do people ask about pot in the alternative medicine section?
I can see if it had to do with medicinal marijuana, like when its used for medicinal reasons, but when you are just using it for getting high, it has nothing to do with medicineee.....

 what does castor oil smell like?
why do you have to mix it with fruit juice?
it says it is odorless??

-is it poisonous?
drugs.com, how stuff works, nlm.nih.gov, wikipedia all say it is generally safe for use, <...

 I'm looking for total alternative medicine practitioners in US?

 Which of the following Herb's/ or tea's best helps you for stomach nausea?
Ginger herb root.
Peppertmint Tea.
Raspberry Tea.
Charcoal Herb.
Other: Please ...

 Experience using homeopathic products of Madar (=Calotropis gigantea, Giant Milkweed) against obesity?
If yes, what is your opinion? How much is it possible to slim with them?...

 Does ingesting Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide make you healthier, by increasing your internal o2 level?

 What is the exact relief from obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.Do Anybody knows the exact reply?than?
i have been suffering from this disease for years. a lot of psycyatrist and methods i try. but no exit i find. tahnk for your ...

Im supposed to take antibiotics twice a day, but how many hours apart?
the tablets are 200mg oflaxacin.

usually the instruction is after meals.

Seth C
In the morning and in the evening is fine.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Do you mean Ofloxacin? That is a VERY heavy duty fluoroquinolone, and I hope that your doctor has not prescribed it for something small?
Be warned that this drug can severely and adversely affect your tendons. So take it easy.
If you can take Levaquin instead (and I really hate fluoride-based drugs) you would be better off.
Also, be prepared for some candida. You need to educate yourself for pending candida.

Good luck.

Lauralee (The lightworker)

Van Bo
12 hours apart, 8 am. and 8 pm. If stomach is irritated, take the last one at 6. Of course, finish them, no leftovers. Good luck.

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