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I want to know about "Letting Go" of a loved one who has passed away years ago?
I have been very attached to this person. I love him very much. Have you done any releasing with love work? How did it go?...do you have any suggestions on book or sites that have good info. on to do this is a way that is really healthy? I am ready to do this is a positive, loving way.

Love...is a letting go!

Something that might help you that hasn't been mentioned is write letters. Letters you don't send. Write the letters to jsut get your emotions out. Or keep a diary or journal. Writing is very theraputic, and helps to get our emotions out where we can let them "breathe", and not be cooped up inside ourselves. When our emotions are kept inside, they become "bad". Emotions need the light of day, too, just as our physical selves do.

When you write letters, such as to a person who's gone, you can sometimes have closure because of things you didn't get to say. Then you just throw the letters away, because the effort is to say your emotions, not to keep them on paper. But if it feels better to keep the letters, by all means, do so.

Everyone deals with loss of friends or loved ones. I just lost a good friend, someone I didn't realize was as good a friend to me. She had been crippled with rheumatoid arthritis all of her adult life, and her body finally just wasted away enough. But we'd share lots of fun interests---science ficton, star trek, etc. I was so glad when she died, because now she's not bothered by an abusive physical body that was only an enemy to her.

But what she taught me was that she never gave up. Oh, she'd get extremely fatigued from efforts, but she always had a good outlook on life. But what hit me more was that now that she's gone, I never realized how much she was a part of my life. We'd go out and do stuff together, her minivan was set up so that she could drive from her scooter. But eventually, she couldn't even do that, so I'd just visit her at home.

And now, there's a big hole in my life. I really didn't know what to do with the time when I'd have been visiting her. And I miss her so. But I'm much happier that she's gone and left her ugly body behind and now she can be what she truly wants to be without mortality weighing her down.

I send you my sympathies.
Truly, I send my empathy.

I know how hard it was for me. I cannot know your difficulty, but I can send consolation that pain heals into strength and new vitality.

For me, I have one word to offer in advice to you: Meditate.

It will clear your mind. Even if you don't meditate on anything other than your breath for just 10 minutes each morning and evening (which is what I recommend anyway), it will work.

Ask yourself honestly these questions, and let him (if not spiritual, let his memory emotionally) be there to literally help you accept. For truly as the other user posted, love is letting go.

Ponder what your loved one would wish for you.
Does he want you to be in pain?
Does he wish this upon you?
What does he want for you?
Does he want you to respect his memory, hold him in your heart, accept, and explore the happiness ahead of you?

Grief of losing a loved one is the pain of life that is inevitable.
Everything alive in this world will face its death, it is the nature of a world born of cause and effect. It is the beauty of life. We just don't see it, and it's hard to recognize it.

We fall accustomed to being used to creating new memories, and lose the value that the old memories that used to be "new" memories hold. The memories you have are plastered forever in time. They cannot be removed. You have these to access always. You gain "new" memories with him as you gain and reflect upon your shared memories while he was physically manifest. You will discover this next chapter of your relationship with him.

I recommend listening to Thich Naht Hahn. He has a recording on letting go. Just like the flowers in his Plum Village come in spring and disappear in winter, and yet, really not "gone" forever (the condition of sunlight being the only thing missing), the realization comes that wherever he goes, his mother is still with him, just the conditions of her physical presence are not being manifest, though still there. I believe it is in his "Ultimate Dimension" album. It certainly helped me. It is a new way to look at death. In fact, it made me realize death is a new birth of that person to me. Let him become born in his new way to you. That he - that you - that nature is showing is this next stage for your relationship.

Without becoming metaphysical or religious, may you see yourself with him, living anew. Take care now, and be patient with yourself. It is not easy, and accepting this fact is very difficult too. You will be okay.

P.S. Yes. Love release works. It is very much the philosophy that Eastern authors (which helped me view death differently due to a changed paradigm) will describe. Western authors too have very good works, it will be depending on what you are seeking - a new way to look at things - or a new way to look at familiar sources.

you don't ever let go my dear..I lost someone at the age of 8,then at the age of 39 years old..and at both times it was hard,and hurtful,and every time you let them slip into your mind it hurts the same way again..
but I will tell you this it gets easier every day,cause the pain is there, just a little less every time,then it gets to a point of you thinking that others don't know your pain,and that your pain is worst than theirs,
when the truth be told,the pain is the same as yours in a different way..
there is no book that could help you ,like the book of life,I lost both sets of grandparents,a father, a brother,a best friend,and no book helped,I read,and read ,and read,but that did not help..my mind ,my love,my memory is what helped me..instead of trying to forget and moving on..I remember,I love,I talked,I did things that would make my loved ones happy,and this got me through everything..
you will always feel,pain,love,anger,hate,but you will not forget,it will get calm and easy,and you will find love in small things,while learning this...I know I may not have helped,but this is how I learned to cope..good luck..

Pam P
Letting go is hard. I lost my brother and sister among others, who I loved very much. Letting Go means giving yourself permission to grieve. Whenever I think of them, I allow myself to cry and hurt and feel bad. That's part of the healing process. I also have a strong belief in God. I believe that "it was their time." Their missions were over and they went home. I believe they're in a beautiful place with no suffering and no tears. And one day, when it's my time, we'll be reunited. In the meantime, I have my own missions to fulfill and I'm to go on without them. That doesn't mean I won't remember them with love. That doesn't mean when I remember them, I won't cry. I learned that when someone you love dies, it leaves a big, glaring hole in your heart. After awhile, you learn to live with that hole. You can't fill it, can't replace it, just learn to live with it. My best advice is to allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. Don't rationalize it, don't try to explain it, just feel it. Death and grieving and letting go are natural processes. If you just go with it, you'll be okay.

You don't really let go of anyone you love because the relationship continues. You can even talk to that person and send your love and support to them. Imagine hugging this person and smiling at them. In the spirit world, emotions are transmitted telepathically.

The reason you miss this person and hurt so much is because you have a strong connection. It's LOVE and its wonderful.

Why do you want love to be wiped off from your heart? Love is natural sister despite your grief you shoud let it come on the surface often if it wants.

since ur asking this ques in alternative.. let me remind u tht supression of natural emotions and griefs always causes blockages and nvr does any good. Just let it flow. Cry when you want and laugh when you want as it comes.And just remember remember tht the person mayb far away from ur sight but nevertheless he still exists and must be continuing his souls journey somewhere and happy and maybe your deep love for him will bring you again across him in another life or at another time when u might not even realise tht this is the same person :)

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