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I've heard of people who can look into your eyes and tell you what is wrong in another part of your body.?
What are these people called?

David S
It's called iridology and there are published studies showing it to have amazing accuracy.

There are some obvious signs in the eyes which most doctors do recognize. For example, a yellowing of the eyes is almost certainly a sign of liver damage.

However, eye doctors are not trained in iridology because they are not allowed to diagnose any other part of your body. So the people who habitually stare into your eyes don't pay much attention to this field of science.

your whole outer body is just a map to your inner well being. trained people can tell just by looking at your eyes, your entire face, your toes, your hands your nails, how healthy and stable you are.

DOCTOR DUMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I don't know. Is this for real?

Outside of alternative medicine circles they would be called "frauds."

Dream Maker
WOW, u learn something new everyday!!!!!!!!!


They are called "Iridiologists".

More information (and further sources) on Iridology can be found:

Excerpt from article discussing the scientific studies:
"Scientific Studies
In 1979 Bernard Jensen and two other proponents failed a scientific test in which they examined photographs of the eyes of 143 persons in an attempt to determine which ones had kidney impairments. (Forty-eight had been diagnosed with a standard kidney function test, and the rest had normal function.) The three iridologists showed no statistically significant ability to detect which patients had kidney disease and which did not. One iridologist, for example, decided that 88% of the normal patients had kidney disease, while another judged that 74% of patients sick enough to need artificial kidney treatment were normal [3]. Click here to see an example of Jensen's iridology chart.

In 1980, an experienced Australian iridologist underwent two tests. In the first, he examined photographs of 15 patients who had been medically evaluated and had a total of 33 health problems. The iridologist did not correctly diagnose any of these problems. In three cases he named a part of the body that had had trouble (for example, he said "lesion in throat area" for a patient whose tonsils had been removed during childhood), but he completely missed the other 30 problem areas and made 60 incorrect diagnoses. In the second trial, four people had their eyes photographed when they were in good health and rephotographed when they reported being ill. The iridologist made a large number of (incorrect) diagnoses from the initial photographs and was unable to accurately identify any organ that underwent a change when the health problem arose. He was also asked to compare iris photographs of another healthy individual taken only two minutes apart. He made five incorrect diagnoses for the first of these and four different incorrect ones for the second [4].

In the late 1980s, five leading Dutch iridologists failed a similar test in which they were shown stereo color slides of the right iris of 78 people, half of whom had gallbladder disease. None of the five could distinguish between the patients with gallbladder disease and the people who were healthy. Nor did they agree with each other about which was which [5]. These negative results, of course, are not surprising, because there is no known mechanism by which body organs can be represented or transmit their health status to specific locations in the iris.

In 1998, Eugene Emery, a science writer for the Providence Journal, tested the ability of two iridologists to assess his health and to match slide he had prepared of the eyes of eight people who had been medically diagnosed. Both iridologists scored very poorly."

Iridology is nonsense. There is no physiological plausibility to it whatsoever. It is like reflexology in this case.

They call themselves "iridologists". Science calls them "quacks".

i think they are called iridologist, though they are not reliable

The practise is called Iridology so I agree it would be Iridologists.
My naturaopath does it. When my daughter was 3yrs old she read her eyes and asked me about what type of labour I had with my daughter as she had something showing in her spine which wouldnt affect her health but she could see it there, by looking into her eyes.
Now my daughter is 11yrs old and recently had back pain so they gave her an x ray on her back which showed this spine 'problem' which the DOCTOR now said would not affect her health but he could see it there on the x ray!!!
So that just cemented my belief in iridology

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