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How should i crush vicodin?
to get the effects faster, so the pain will wear off? can anyone tell me the best method to do this?
Additional Details
ok for people who are giving me really stupid answers, i know how to crush a pill, no im not going to snort it and no im not an addict, im in pain and i heard it get rid of it faster. but, i dont know if i should removed the film on the outside before taking it... i heard that **** doesnt go well with your stomach.

Ok first, your not doing this to get the pain relieved faster, your not fooling anyone.

Second if you cant figure out how to crush a pill nonetheless what to do with it then your not even responsible enough to be smoking cigarettes or having penicillen

Third, why mess with drugs at all? If your feel depressed often enough to turn to drugs then you should turn to a doctor and get legal drugs that will help you to enjoy life naturally and allow you to grow into a successful person.

Dont waste your time and get some real friends

If you're that much in pain and you say the vicodin doesn't work fast enough, why don't you just lie down and rest until it kicks in? No pain killers work instantly. Why do you want it to work so fast for? Maybe you should take your next dose a little sooner. Better still, " IF" you got your prescription from a doctor, why don't you ask him about this? I think your question speaks for itself. Good luck

ѕhαкє уσυя hαιя
put it in a napkin, fold it, and hammer it carefully.


get a pill crusher to crush it
i dont know if the effects will be faster... are u planning to snort it??

Use a meat cleaver and cut it in half and use the flat side to crush or a hammer.

Don't crush the vicodin.
I have found for myself that the fastest way to get the painkiller started working, is to eat. I have to take percocet for pain from neck surgery I had. Not all the time, but when I need it, I need it.
You don't want to eat a huge meal, that will slow the release, but a good size meal. A bowl of soup and a sandwich or salad. The soup will make it dissolve in your stomach faster, and carry it into your small intestine where it will then enter your bloodstream. If I take it without eating, it will take an hour or more before I feel any effects. AND I get horrible nausea. If I eat, I will begin to get relief in 15-20 minutes with no nausea. And the timing of taking the pill while you eat matters, too. I will start eating before I take my pill. About half the bowl of soup. Then I take my pill, and finish my meal. By the time I finish eating, I am feeling the effects.

put the pill on a book, put a plastic bag over it, grab a hammer and hit it. make sure you remove the pill wrapper from the powder because that **** burns. vicodin usually has a thin layer of plastic type **** on it.

Emily Rugburn
vicodin kicks in fast enough without crushing... in the time it takes to crush it, it can be in your tummy starting to work.

The mom
You should not crush Vicodin. If you do it will release too much of the medication too fast. Depending on the dosage, it could reach lethal levels. Take it exactly as it comes. You might also want to increase the amount of fiber you are eating, or drink a glass of fiber drink because one of the most common side effects is constipation. If the tablets do not work fast enough for you or you have trouble swallowing them, ask the doctor for the liquid form.

a. lynn
hahahaha nice question. junkie. just grab a butcher knife and turn it side ways and press down

Put it in a ziplock bag and use a spoon, soup can, soda can, or something else with a smooth flat surface to crush it.

with a large hammer on a copper plated table to reduce it from oxidizing with the air. this will keep it potent and ready to dull your pains

don't do that. why are you in pain? just take it orally. if you're in terrible pain cut the pill in half and let it start to dissolve in a few ounces of water, then swallow 5 minutes later.

Hollywood Ent.
I use to eat 13 vicodin es a day for years and crushing does nothing. That done on time lap pills vicodin isn't one of these pills

Wooden spoon, flat down.

ask the pharmacist where you got them from

they sell pill crushers at the dollar store

between two big spoons of similar shape

crushing vicodin can case too much of the drug to hit your system to quickly and cause you to OD or die. neither of which sound that fun. if you need it to kick in quicker take a 10 minute hot shower right after taking the pill. use caution when doing this and leave the shower immediately if you feel lightheaded, tired or any discomfort.

-better to smoke pot, pain killers are really addictive

fold it in a dollar bill and smash it with something blunt. or get a pill crusher

Don't do that--what will happen is that you'll get a big high, then nothing. It's the path to drug addiction, not to pain killing.

electro- hamburger
With your BICEPS!

This is what is know as drug abuse.

You should take medicine as directed.

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