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Jonathan D
How many grams of marijuana usually are in a dime bag?
I'm doing an eight page report on illegal street drugs. In order to get 8 pages, I need a lot of information. I asked one question earlier and realized I completely left a part out. NOw I have to use 5 more points, but oh well. Lol. Anyways, my question is how many grams of marijuana go in a dime bag? Thanks.

Farmer Jed
About 2,000..................

Bert Sullivan
There is no such thing as a dime bag anymore, now its a dub, a 20. Thats 1 G

Unless of course you smoke crap.

Laid Back
google it or go to ask.com


not enough

Liam M
dude do NOT buy a dime bag... if your gonna buy... buy an eigth (3.5 grams) for just 20-30$ make sure its kush if hes charging you more than 25$

one gram.. look for every .1 is one dollar so .5 would be 5 bucks.. 1.0 (1gram ) = 10 but u could get a deal.. example if u buy an ounce which is 28 grams u pay 100- 200 a bag... depends who your dealer is.. and u could sell it for 280 dollars

1.5- 1.7 usually.
unless you get REALLY lucky..
then it's 2

just 1 measly gram

we dnt call them dime and nick bag they all come in grams now...so you must know your metric system first

There is no set size for a dime bag, you pay ten dollars and you get however much you get. The typical benchmark is one gram, so you could get a gram of average-quality marijuana in an average area for ten dollars. The higher the quality of the marijuana, the smaller the bag will be. Pricing also differs from strain to strain. So, to answer your question, there is usually about one gram of marijuana in a dime bag.

ryan n
seriosly dime bags are for cocaine
but if u were to put weed in a dime bag ud get aroun .2 - .5 depending on how fluffy your weed is or if is compressed

OPC (my prez really is black)
well it should be 1.4 grams but you wont find that you'll maybe get 1 gram

A dime bag is only 10 bucks, so (at least in CA) it's only 1/2 a gram.

its usually goin to be 1, that is, if its just reggie

Justin M
Usually there is 2 grams in a bag of mids which is jus normal weed but this is all dependent upon area & dealer and different types of weed indica or sativa but hope this helps keep blazin 420 all day

A dime bag typically refers to a $10 bag of pot, which translates to about .5 grams. Some dealers choose to skimp and make their bags less though.

street drug? there is no certain amount for a dime bag. dime bag is $10 worth of weed, which can vary greatly depending on the area, and strain of marijuana. OTHER amounts would be that of how much of an ounce it is. 1/8th, 1/4th, 1/2, and a OZ (28.3g). or if theres large quantities probably same thing but with lbs. YOU ARE WELCOME.

wow. A dime bag!! you must be like a dealer or something.

look. I'm hep to your young peoples lingo, dude. If your getting a dime bag of the reefer just make sure you don't get into a bad trip or freaky scene. That's heavy stuff my dude. So don't freak out. Hang tight and stay loose....dude.

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