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i know u dont hallucinate from it, its kinda ...

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btw i dont need to hear about how dangerous weed is....

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Had dolphin
How long do shrooms last? And how much should I take?
I'm trying shrooms for the first time this week, and I want to know how much to take, and how long they will last. I usually have a pretty tight schedule, so exact times woudl be much appreciated. (nobody say something like 2-12 hours) My body weight is about 105 pounds, and I have a somewhat low tolerance to drugs. I have already read about the basics: make sure you're in a comfortable setting, enter with optimism, trip with those you trust, etc. Links and input are much appreciated. Thanks =D
Additional Details
oh, and I don't necessarily mean how long until I'm totally sober, just how long until I'm able to have control over what I say and how I act (I have parents to deal with)

after the shrooms ware off, you can still have halucinations even when sober... not a good idea dude!

James J
i took shrooms once and it was the worst emotional trip i have ever been on

They make holes in your brain.
& about 8 hours depending on how much you take.

Eric G
Eat a Ounce make sure they are visual and not the bull **** body ones

Alright on a first time you should do around 2 grams (1.75 being on the low side and 2.25 on the high side). The whole experience should last around six hours, but let me tell you individual events throughout the trip.

After you eat them, you have around twenty to forty minutes of acting normal, but only around half an hour of normal pupil size. Once you hit the 20 / 30 minute mark, your muscles will be tense and somewhat in pain for about half an hour minutes. At the ninety minute mark, the peak should be almost there. By then you'll be seeing a certain flashiness around everything, colors will be vastly brighter, patterns will swim across the walls, the carpet will shift and slightly rotate around you, time will be altered, depth will be slightly different, music will sound amazing, and most definitely you'll be laughing by now with complete euphoria (you won't be able to handle yourself around you parents). The peak will last for about two and half to three hours. Around three and half hours after you eat them, the experience should be on the come down. At the four and a half hour mark, you'll probably be able to handle yourself in front of your parents, but the problem is that your pupils will still be huge. You pretty much have to wait around five hours -- maybe longer -- for the pupil dilation to die down enough to not be noticeable.

bongmonkey 4 life
4 grams and you should trip ballz 4 a good 4 to 6 hours if its really good **** 7 hours but you are new to this so 3 grams just keep you're ****

mary jane
About 5 hours, more or less depending on the shrooms, but the after affects can last pretty much up until you fall asleep. Take an eighth your first time, so like 4 grams or $40 worth. Personally, I like acid a lot better because your mind is way clearer but it does last up to 12 hours.
And don't call or answer a call from your parents on shrooms...bad idea
have a nice trip

LiFe Of ThE pArTy!
dude listen you want to take shrooms take them! dont be an idiot about it though man buy maybe just a gram for your first trip and really it all depends on the potency (spelling) of the shrooms. My first trip lasted about 8 hours sometimes you can control it sometimes you just sit and enjoy dont go overboard for your first time though man take it slow learn the drug and its effects then if there is a second time youll be prepared. now id make sure you got control before dealing with your parents cause talking to them on shrooms is one hella hard task to accomplish. but be safe and smart when experimenting with your mind and youll be alright!!!

Usually for a dosage 1-5 grams of mushrooms will do it, or about 1/8th. i would recommend about 3 grams for your first trip.
for about 4-6 hours you will feel the strong effects of the mushrooms, and after that for 2-6 more hours you will be able to control yourself, but you will probably still feel very weird.
you are very light though, so you might want to add 1-2 hours to those times
and i highly recommend you do it at a time when you can do anything you want. planning ahead isnt an option, it will give you a bad trip if you cant do what you want. the trip has to take you places

God Of Reefer
Okay for your first time id reccomend about a 1/2 eight to an 1/8th (15-30$ in Colorado :p). My first trip lasted for 5 hours, but my lord it felt like weeks had gone by. Shrooms can be either totally brown with many stems and caps or can be a light brown with blue/purple "veins". Never eat a red mushroom, on emakes you trip, one kills you. They look almost identical. Dont expect to be clm and talk to anyone who you dont want to know. My first trip i tried to throw a hookah, i named a cigarette and talked to it, i stuck my hand in a jar of Airsoft BB's (highly recommened, gives the craziest sensation lol), Told my friends cousin to take me to pink floyd, and than went on a rant as to how nothing existed in life except the room in which we sat. Needless to say i was ****** up, but the next couoke weeks ive never felt better. It gives you a sense of spirituality and comfort. I would never recommend a drug, but if i did it would be mushrooms for sure :]

QUick fact: an asprin is more toxic than a mushroom is :]

5-6 hours with the climax being in the middle- you can gauge how much longer it will last depending on when you note you feel the best. I think if you are so worried about your parents finding out and your schedule won't allow you to relax, you might get too stressed out. You'll be surprised the things that consume you while under the effects and you'll have plenty to think about for days...

i am 5' 6.5" and weigh about 118 lbs. I usually consume 5-10 dried shrooms (because they store that way I always have them :) If you are going to take fresh ones, be aware that they are more potent as the psilocin (not psilocybin- that remains basically the same) will be much higher and your trip will be much stronger or you should take less depending on your personal predilection. 4-6 fresh ones does it for me. If you are doing the fresh ones, here's a hint I wished I knew about the first time: put them into honey. takes the nasty taste right away...

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