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 To holistic medicine persons: how would removal of my tonsils affect chi in my body?

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What is your opinion (this assumes you have studied/tried whatever you recommend) the best meditation or relaxation audio series or course for each of the following (multiple suggestions fine):

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I want to study eastern medicine (Alternative medicine) and become a doctor in the field.
Would I just be a "doctor" or?
Man, I am confused.
I don't want to cut people ...

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Joy! Senior year in high school research paper!!! I am doing my paper on the argument whether we should use veterinary acupuncture more often then proscription drugs for our loved animals. I looked ...

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i get sick really easily, as in a cold,cough, stuffy nose etc.

is there any way i can strenghten my immune system so that i won;t get sick so often??...

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 How much do "Big Pharma" shills get paid?
Because frankly I need money, and they seem to be hiring like crazy.

And the alleged pay outs are great.

Where do i sign up?
Additional Details
"people don'...

 Which alternative therapy would be best for helping long term chronic constipation?
I have suffered from chronic constipation since i was 14. Doctors have been no help to me whatsoever, nor has any amount of fibre, water, exercise or a healthy diet.

Now im looking towards ...

 Cold remedies please?
Summer JUST started and I'm sick and drowsy...So I think I have an infection and I need something that will calm my symptoms so I can actually sleep through the night and get some rest. I can...

 Is there any nonsurgical treatment for treatment of asyumeral bone cyst? Any remedies in alternate medicine?
My son has a asyumeral bone cyst in his upper left humerus since the age of 8. Only treatment available is surgical grafting of his thigh bone.
Any other non invasive alternatives available?...

 want cures to fight a cold or phenomia?

 is baking marijuana healthier than smoking it?
and does it lower panicking and from your heart beating ...

 Vegan going into to a hospital,what things should I know?
Okay so I'm getting surgery because I have some lung problems (I get half the oxygen flow into my lungs compared to a normal person) and if I get this surgery before around the age of 20 I have ...

 Piles & Urinary incontinence(want homeo medicine)?

I am 35 unmarried female.I am suffering from piles & Urinary incontinence since 18 years.In piles(2nd stage may be) I never bleeded or pain, some times feel burning in the anal ...

 do you know of any homemade remedies for nausea?
like no MEDICINE!! my friend sometimes feels queasy when she eats alot and shes gone get braces so she wont be able to chew eclipse gum, which cures her queasyness.
Additional Details

 What are the different types of XTC?
meaning: X, extacy, XTC, etc....

 Can there be a permanent remedy for high blood pressure? Is yoga the ultimate alternative therapy?

Jennifer Chim
How MANY people have died from the drug Rohypnol, if any?
I'm not sure if anyone has died from it, so if not, please tell me how often it is used.

I have no idea- but dont take it! thats the "date rape" drug... knocks you out & cant remember anything-

SkepDoc 3.0
I couldn't find any stats on this, but I would doubt very many from direct overdose. It is actually pretty hard to OD on benzodiazepines. Those who do die asphyxiate on their vomit or because they fall asleep in an awkward position, not from a direct toxic effect.

EDIT Interesting all the thumbs down for a factual answer, it seems AM hasn't changed much in my abscence.
But I repeat, rohypnol itself is not particularly toxic. Take a massive overdose and you may sleep for a long time, and have no memory, but you won't stop breathing.
If you combine it with alcohol, the risk of death increases dramatically...and that is mostly from aspiration of vomitus. A

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