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How can i get rid of my cold? i feel really crappy and i'm going out later. i have the full works, headache, runny nose and the bad cough!! are there any home remidies?? also what is the best ...

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Arnica, the homeopathic remedy ....... what were the health benefits aside from reducing swelling and bruising for you??

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I've been using the ...

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i really want to get better by saturday....

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 What's the best anti-stress supplement you've found?
And how long until you noticed an improvement?
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Preferrably legal & purchased at a health food store!...

 im suffering frm itching on body for a month,spots appears &disappears immediatly,anyone have home remedy?

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And if so, do you regret using them?...

 How can i cure Miagraine's???
A friend ALWAYS has Miagraines, and has tried EVERYTHING!!!!!! CAT scans, pills, acupuncture... how do i help er cure this??? Please help me??!!??...

Herbal supplements for heavy periods?
Im 16 and was taken off the birth control pill because they suspect it was causing blood clots in my leg...

So...I was wondering if anyone knew of any herbs that are good for heavy periods or ones that regulate hormones and such.

I've heard red clover, red raspberry, and evening primrose but a lot of that seems to be more for pregnancy??

can anyone help?

sarah r
Warm Lemon tea and honey. Tastes good, is rather inexpensive, and cures everything. Not sure why, but it works for me.

Not herbal medicine, but have you tried chiropractics or reflexology? I had horrible period pain before starting a course of chiropractics. Now I have almost no period pain, and even the mood swings seem a lot less. Since all the nerves tie into the spine, they won't work properly if your vertabrae aren't in the right spot. A bit like a garden hose if you bend it. I was reading about reflexology recently and that talked about a variety of menstrual problems. I've not tried it myself, but think I might for my next pregnancy and labour.
These things tend to be expensive, and only work properly if you go reasonably regularly for maintenance. Still, they're better than going onto medication, or putting up with it!

They are good and blessed thistle, dong quai, black cohosh, ginger, cayenne and shepards purse.

Try Vitex. It's the most versatile female hormone balancing herb. Very good for helping with heavy periods. With the proper dosage it can actually drastically slow heavy bleeding. Do not take it if you are taking birth control pills. It's used for Acne, amenorrhea, fibrocystic breast syndrome, infertility, irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, improved lactation, hot flashes, ovarian cysts, PMS, uterine fibroids.

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