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Early onset of a cold, best way to prevent...?
it from getting worse? I've been drinking hot tea all day, unfortunately at work we have no honey, hot chicken noodle soup, and when I leave work I'm going to drink more tea w/honey. Is there anything else I can do to sort of "make it go away" per say??

Dr. G.C.
Once it has started, you cannot make it go away. Depends if it is the cold or flu. The flu virus usually has an incubation period of 2 days prior to the active infection (those 3 days of misery). Sometimes you feel a bit "fluish" on those 2 days prior to the active infection. If you are still in that period, you can reduce the severity of the symptoms of the active period. But you cannot "make it go away".

I agree with the use of Echinacea. It is a well researched herb on reducing the severity of symptoms of colds and flus. You can get it at health stores. Look for a tablet or capsule of approximately 400mg. To really reduce the severity of symptoms, you will have to start with a high dosgae of Echinacea for a few days. Take 1 capsule/tablet 3 times daily with a vitamin C tablet (at least 250mg). Alternatively use 2 capsules/tablets twice daily with 2 vitamin C 250mg tablets.

Two points to take note of is that there are a variety of Echinacea species. Echinacea angustifolia is the best. But Echinacea purpurea is fine. Avoid Echinacea pallida because it is ineffective. Second point is that you should not continue with a high dosage of Echinacea for more than a few days as it may cause a bit of a "runny tummy".

Remember that bed rest and good nutrition is still the best remedy for a cold or flu.

I heard you can't do anything, but help relieve symtoms with meds and remedies. Hope you feel better.

I don't think you can make your oncoming cold go away just like that. But you can prevent it from being to bad if you wash your hands frequently and take some light medicine to slow it down a little. I was going to suggest tea because thats always the best thing to do but it looks like your already doing it. Also try not to stress out about it because your mental health can affect your immune system.

Clever name here
Orange juice and alot of vitamin C

You might not be able to make it go away if it's a virus. But you can make it stabilize and not get worse. Make sure you're warm, stay away from drafts and rest as much as possible. Even while at work, avoid doing too much or sweating. Keep drinking warm liquids, you're doing a good job. A homemade soup will work wonders. Also try to keep your mind occupied so you feel the symptoms less. Feel better soon!

Stevo J
definatley try out airborne, (an effervescent) and Umka (found at natural food stores, a syrup) both reduce cold duration

hot tea and chicken noodle soup doesn't really work... drink orange juice with pulp. it has things in there that will help heal your cold faster
for preventing a cold or just getting sick in generality onions and garlic

Take a nice hot bath with the steam and it will losen up your sinuses as well as spicy foods, to relieve symptoms. Go out to the store and buy Vitamin C supliments. They're cheap and they're excellent to have. You can take as much as you want and it will never do anything to you. I've been taking a few thousand mg of Vitamin C for years and I haven't been sick since =) They're great to have around. Vitamin C clings to anything foreign in your body and takes it out. It also helps you heal wounds much faster.

Look in this link, there's loads of natural cold remedies:


Upon arriving home, you must rest. Give your immune system a chance to work for you. Lots of vitamin C and chicken soup even echineachia (avail. at the health food store) will help. Feel better!

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