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I have heard that some medicines like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeopathy are free of side-effects.

What I want to know is what exactly makes a medicine NOT cause any side-effects?...

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 What's the best medicine to cure allergy that i can found in regular drug store??
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 what are the benefits of a doctor?
apart from they cn treat people
sum1 plz tell me .........

 Does smoking weed slow down the healing process of a wound?
I know what you're all thinking but I need to know : /...

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something i would have around the ...

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 Can anyone tell me of any alternative medicine and the details thats undergone placebo controlled trials?
thank you.
Additional Details
yeah i believe homeopathy is nonsense, i also believe herbal and stuff like that is, but i would love to be proved wrong....

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 Foods and drink that boost the immune system?
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 best cures for migraines?
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 if you take ipecac and you weren't supposed to can it make you sick?

 How do you know if someone is smoking marijuana?
I think my friend is smoking weed but i'm not sure.When i asked her she said no,but I don't think she would tell me the truth if she was.So what are some of the signs i can look for?...

 How can water have a memory?
I mean, honestly, what planet do you quacks live on?...

Does weed help with OCD?
I sometimes have bad OCD. This week has been particularly bad in terms of panic and nervousness. I don't take meds for it because they contain harmful side effects (impotence, weight gain, withdrawal, etc.). I have heard that smoking marijuana helps with OCD, rituals, nervousness, etc. I haven't planned on smoking before but if it would help with OCD I would be willing to smoke.

If illegal in the past. it will be illegal in the future. you be better off buying a candy bar instead.

yes.. but medication is legal so try that

Jaden's Mommy
No, you should never be willing to smoke..nothing. I've never heard of weed helping you with that. Also, Yahoo Answers is NOT the place to ask if you should smoke weed.

but i heard it helps to get you into jail

Amber D.
Weed makes you paranoid I don't think you should smoke. You should got to a doctor and get real help.

ding s.
In California it is sometimes prescribed for that. No guarantees on not gaining weight on it.

it can't hurt. don't listen to the people who will inevitably give answers like OH NO drugs are bad you pot will make your OCD worse blah blah blah. i've heard the same things, that people have self-medicated for panic attacks and stuff like that with weed and apparently it works

Blacky P.
Yes, Weed is actually a great source of meds, but does have its side effects if u consist to use it on daily basis

Probably only if you get incrediblazed.

Benjamin W
Nope, it can make it worse.

26. Is marijuana a good treatment for OCD?

Although marijuana is now legal in California for medicinal purposes, it is not a good treatment for OCD. It may provide some short term relief, but it causes symptoms to later worsen. Marijuana can also interfere with OCD medications and make depression more severe. More about alternative herbals for OCD.

Definitely not.

For a start, weed can cause panic attacks and nervousness itself, so smoking it to help is a rubbish idea. It can sometimes help with nervousness, but normally it magnifies what you're feeling. So if you're feeling nervous when you smoke it, you'll just feel worse. Also, there are so many rituals concerned with smoking cannabis that they could draw you in as well.

For the record I'm not totally against cannabis - I used to smoke it in fact. But I'm certain it won't help your condition so don't smoke it for that.

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