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Jamie in hiding
Does the topical application of vitamin B3 (Niacin) have any benefits?
in terms of skin texture and elasticity?

It's probably bunk because the vitamin B in it is extremely likely to be synthetic. However, if the Bs are from a live source, it might be a good treatment. Synthetic vitamins should be avoided and many docs and NDs don't realize this. The work of Fritz Albert Popp has demonstrated this fact. Get your B vitamins from nutritional yeast (not to be confused with bread yeast).

Dr. T
Hmmm... interesting question...

Taking niacin as a supplement (orally) will cause "flushing"... this is a histamine reaction that results in lots of extra blood flow to your skin. The flush usually lasts a few hours and during that time your skin will get very red and tingly/itchy. The flushing effect is dose related, so start with small amounts, like about 30mg, if you're supplementing. (The flush can be VERY intense.)

Because of the extra blood flow to the skin, the flush can help with skin texture and elasticity.

But applying niacin topically... I can't imagine you'd absorb very much (if any, at all.) Off the top of my head, I cant think of any significant benefit.

Last tidbit of info... at very high doses, niacin can be hard on your liver. If you're taking it regularly or at high doses, talk to your doc about it. She may want to check your liver function periodically just to make sure you're safe. :)
The flush lasts longer if you take higher doses. At 30mg, you're likely to flush for about 10 minutes (if you take it on an empty stomach. If you take it with food, you probably won't flush at all.)

If you're taking 500mg, you're going to flush for about an hour. There's some individual variation here.

Also of note - if you're taking the niacin daily, you'll eventually deplete your histamine stores and you wont flush anymore at all. This happens faster at higher doses, because the flush is more intense (more histamine released.)

If you're looking for the skin effects, I'd recommend trying every 3-4 days so you have time to rebuild your histamine stores and you get the full benefit of the flush each time.
Edit #2
Capsasin is, among other things, a "rubifacient." That means that when you apply it to your skin, it makes your skin get red. Physiologically, this has much the same impact as the "flushing" you'd get from the niacin. Again, it makes sense that the extra blood flow would benefit healthy skin.

I've now looked up a few "niacin creams"... they contain herbs that benefit the skin, some oils that are good moisturizers, and some variation on capsasin (rubifacient properties.) I maintain that the niacin itself is not really contributory to the effectiveness of these creams.

Oh - and for the record, when I personally take 1000mg of niacin, I flush for about an hour. It's not at full intensity the whole time, but it takes a long while for the last of the "itchies" to pass.

Dr. T's answer says it all. The only thing I disagree with is the statement that the flushes last for a few hours. It's more like a few minutes.

If you are using B3 for its flushing effect, make sure it's niacin (nicotinic acid) and not niacinamide (nicotinamide). The amide is a different form of vitamin B3 and it has only minimal flushing effect.

Dr T is exactly right about taking it internally (although I also disagree with the time frame of flushing; from my experience, it's usually much less than an hour), but it seems that she hasn't come across a Niacin cream before.
We carry a Niacin cream and I've talked to people that have used it. Generally, it helps to soften the skin and/or smooth the skin. A cream that was pure Niacin probably wouldn't be absorbed terribly well, but Niacin isn't in a creamy form on it's own. That's why there are other ingredients that help the Niacin or other nutrients to be absorbed into the skin (Capsaicin and many other nutrients can help for that).
Most customers that tell me have mentioned that they use it as a cheaper alternative for skin care, especially when compared to some of the stuff in salons (and some of those that I've seen also have Niacin for the same reasons).
Yes, it can specifically help with the skin's texture to help make it smoother and some may get benefits for elasticity, but I would imagine Vitamin E cream would be better for that. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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