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do they try not to prescribe them to young teens? [aged 14ish]...

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Does it matter if you take Magnesium supplements with, or without food?
Does the bioavailability of magnesium in pill form go up OR down if you take it with a meal, as opposed to on an empty stomach?

The supplement I take right now has 250mg of Magnesium Oxide, which is apparently not well absorbed.

Is the magnesium better absorbed if you take it on an empty stomach with a glass of water, or (I've heard about this too) with some orange juice instead?

Something else I heard about.. Epsom Salts (foot soaking) is an excellent way to get a lot of magnesium into your system, esp. since you don't have to digest it--it's absorbed through the skin. Is this true?

The reason for all this is.. I'm looking into a magnesium deficiency as one possible reason for atypical migraine and other health issues I have.

Would appreciate any insight here, thanks!

Jilly R
take them with food..

Actually all food supplements are best absorbed WITH food rather than without. unless you're taking it as a laxative, try to take them in between meals and the one you're taking (oxide) is the worst form on the market. Magnesium Citrate absorbs much better..

Janet S
The most readily absorbed magnesium form is a citrate, as in Natural Vitality Natural Calm, a powder that you mix into liquid. (http://www.petergillham.com/) So theoretically, mixing the magnesium oxide with an acidic food (tomatoes, lemonade, orange juice) could help with absorption. This is true of about all minerals.

Wikipedia article has one reference that says Epsom Salts bath can be used to offset low magnesium. Read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epsom_salts However, I can't imagine that it would be tremendously effective, since the salt form is known to draw things OUT of the body. It is also quite drying to the skin.

Susan Yarrawonga
Magnesium is absorbed better if you take it with food. If you are deficient in magnesium that could be the cause of your migraines but they could also be due to other causes as well. Meal times is the best time to take most supplements. Some should be taken in between meals with a glass of water and usually the container will tell you if there are any such special requirements.

For migraines use Magnesium Malate. It's excellent for pain. With or without food no problems either way.

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