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Jerome R
Does drinking tea at night help you sleep?
I've heard good and bad things about drinking tea and i want to know which is true.
I've heard drinking tea helps you sleep but i also heard it i could make you very ill if you drink to much.
Which one is true?

Yea It helps me sleep at night. I drink decaffeinatedgreen tea at night. It is really soothing. I also like the sleepy time tea or calming tea. Im sure it can help as long as its decaffeinated

it helps me sleep. i have a hot cup of tea every night before bed, witha cube of lemon juice i squeezed myslf, no milk, just water, it tastes really nice.

Lee F.
well tea has caffiene in it so you might want to drink decaffianated or sleepy time tea.

Dead Day Afternoon
Drink a shot of brandy instead.

The are a variety of teas and specifically five major types of teas being white, green, oolong, Pu'erh and red (black) teas. Black teas are known to cause stomach irrittions consumered in too large a quantity due largely to the higher levels of tanic acids.

All teas are good for you and like anything that means taken in moderation to the extent of what you are used to as all people react differently to things.

I would suggest a white tea at bedtime as it is mild. I would recommend washing the tea once before making a cup to drink. By this I mean use water at a temp around 160F (No not boiling as this is too hot for white tea and would draw out bad flavors and harm the tea's aroma. Only Pu'erh and black teas should use boiling water). Pour the water over the tea then drain it off almost immediately. Then add more hot water to the tea and let steep to taste.

All teas should be washed in this manner. This cleans the tea of unwanted dusts and contaminants and also removes a significant amount of the caffeine during this first flushing.

I would say that I don't think tea will help you sleep so much as it will help you relax and unwind from a hard day. And to this end I would recommend drinking bedtime tea 2 hours before going to bed. Partly to relax you and partly so that you aren't woken up having to urinate as tea is a diuretic.

Remember tea has a great many health benefits too!!!

N i kk i (L)
i don't think it can make you very ill....
it does have caffeine in it but so does coffee
and if loads of caffeine could kill then my dad, and majority of adults would be long time dead lol.

but for the sleeping part, I'm not sure.
the warmth may be soothing sord of, which could put u to sleep.
because i've heard warm milk is good to get you tired, but i don't know if thats the same thing


Drink chamomile tea. It has relaxing and calming affects.

Pumpkin Pie
i'm not sure but just make sure it is decaffeineted. tea has a lot of caffeine.

I use chamomile tea to help me sleep better when I feel that I am too wound up. It helps to relax me. I try not to use it every night. As with everything, it is ok for you in moderation.

For more ways to sleep better check out my buzz blog in my sources.

Lisa G
depends on what kind of tea. Some herbs like chamomile are calming so that could help you stay calm and sleep better. i wouldn't recommend regular black, green, english tea though (for right before bed)

Uh, if it has caffeine I would stay away.

Some people just sleep better with something warm in their stomachs.

It doesn't actually matter if it is Tea, Milk or just hot water.

Certain teas will keep you up, while others will relax you. Most teas have caffeine.

Sleepy Time Tea works great: http://www.celestialseasonings.com/products/detail.html/herbal-teas/sleepytime

Chamomile Tea also relaxes you.

Drinking tea is not going to make you ill, this would only happen if you were allergic to a certain type of tea. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potential_effects_of_tea_on_health

Very simply, tea is good for you; especially green tea, which contains cancer fighting properties. Black tea is the same but not so potent. Unfortunately, tea does contain caffeine, which will keep you awake. Instead, try Milo or a malt drink.

lexi m
it doesnt make you ill may b if you are allergicc but if you drink it right before bed you have to keep getting up to go to the bathroom

Julia B
First of all, you probably heard about drinking HERBAL tea at night like chamomile tea to help you sleep, and it would be difficult to overdose on chamomile tea bags. Black or green tea is going to contain caffeine (or a substrate), that will keep you up at night.

Neutered Pup
Chamomile tea is naturally soothing. . .

"German Chamomile is used medicinally against sore stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a gentle sleep aid."

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