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 is a child's sleep this important?
i always kept my sons active in sports, so i didn't have this problem often. i would never do this to them.


 is there any medicine out there that helps with memory?
my dad has great long term memory but has short term memory loss
i feel like im not as bad as short term but if im not reminded ill forget
and i really hate that about myself ...

 Does anyone Believe in the benefits of mega-dosing with Vitamin C?

 How to cure a sore throat?
my throat hurts really bad, i have halls but they aren't working at all.
and the whole salt water thing makes me gag. (i've herd drinking juice and stuff helps.)...

 How to naturally/holistically get rid of a wart?
It's on my thumb, any herbs or anything that will make it go away?...

 Can I take sleeping tablets like stilnocts while i'm pregnant?

 How do you quit meth?
By yourself, without your parents knowing. This isn't for me by the way.
Additional Details
Georgie, I swear it isn't me. ...

 I live in AZ where "medical marijuana" isnt legal yet. i would like to smoke it to cure some health issues.?
the closet state is cali but i shouldnt have to drive to CA just to get some pot. i have never smoked weed but have gotten a contact high. is there another way to get weed? i do realize getting it ...

 Did M.J. die a natural deaath or not?
too many different stories!!!...

 What are the best ways to get a natural HIGH?
preferably a cheap one, I don't have the money to do things like going sky diving.

I'm just looking for the strongest possible natural high, and how to get it.

By ...

 What herbal remedies are good for nerves/anxiety?
My nerves always seem to get the better of me....

 Are ANY of the altie regulars brave enough to denounce KTT's 'women who are pro vaccine deserve rape' posts?
For the past two days, Know the Truth has been posting 'questions' claiming that women who are pro vaccine deserve to be raped. He as singled Rhianna out as particularly deserving of rape. A...

 shall i take sleeping pills to get good sleep?

 Home remedies to cure a dry throat?
I've tried other stuff, like strepsils and lozenges but they don't seem to work. Any suggestions?...

 How Bad is weed for you?
Ok well a few of my friends have smoked weed in the past, and they offer it to me, i want to know like, the full effects. I have to say that i am curious, but is it like going to kill me?...

 i dont know how to stop smoking weed?

 Homeopathic remedy for depression/suicidal thoughts?
I would like to know of a homeopathic or alternative medicine and/or even self help book(for the depression ext.) that can help with these symptoms listed below. If you have dosae suggestions i will ...

 Should i try Marijuana?
I have never smoked anything...and im still a teenager, but i know some one who does and they want me to try it...should i?...

 Does marijuana make you most high when you first smoke it?
My friend says that people don't really get high the first time they smoke weed and that the more experience with it they have the higher they'll get. I don't agree with him at all. So ...

 what would 4 sleeping pills do to somebody?
is somebody took 4 sleeping pills and some alcohol... what would happen to them?...

Joe J
Does chewing tobacco rid the body of worms and parasites?

depends how many you got there joe...


YES and NO.
Yes because tabacco itself is antimicrobial (to an extent).
No because all the chemicals and other substances in the dip acidify the body, which is what makes it more prone to infection. Parasites feed on dying, oxidized tissue. Quit the dip, trust me it's toxic.

Don't forget: this removes demons as well. ahaha

George P
i heard and its true that if feed dogs tobacco and whiskey it will rid worms for dogs, humans i really don't know. i know if you ingest tobacco, you get really sick.

harley w

Tobacco juice: Tobacco Juice was dosed in case anyone had been exposed to intestinal parasites (worms). Barb

Dr. Jayne's Syrup of Pepsin. I believe that was for worms. Very sweet tasting and not so bad, actually; however, I always dreaded it. Nina Hall

Way back when I was a child I remember my mom would draw a ring around all of our navels with turpentine. I guess it does really work. JMoonglo1


Take up to five garlic capsules daily.

Eat pumpkin seeds daily to kill parasites

Not the kind you buy at the stores. My husband grows organic tobacco. We use it for stings and you can make a tea or chew and swallow the juice of fresh leaves to rid the body of worms. It does work, I know for a fact. The thing about cancer is the commercial tobacco products are abused and have many chemicals and poisons added to them. Using tobacco for one or 2 days will help your worm problem and will not cause cancer despite all the ignorant remarks. Think about it, sugar can cause diabetes if you consume too much, but a teaspoon a week will not hurt you.

I don't think so, but it's gonna ruin you.

probably not and why would you chew chewing tobacco i say you shouldn't but if you wanna go sick then be my guest my grandfather had chewing tobacco he died after it

Norman O
Eventually, yes. That can cause cancer. Cancer can kill you and everything in you. Therefore, eventually, yes.

don't smoke either.

SkepDoc 2.0
No, but it does make you look disgusting and ill-bred, and increases your risk of oral cancers.

Holly <3
I doubt it, and wouldn't try it out

haha no. it does more damage than anything else, really. it will cause more problems than the parasites. i dont think there are ANY advantages to chewing tobacco... except cancer of course

Tobacco chewers would like to think so.

Jethro C
yes you should chew and swallow to prevent them

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