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the negative
how it harms the body long term and short term
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Tried asking this in the women's health section.
Didn't get a lot of info from there.
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I am thinking about Tea and Honey to ...

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 i need a list of different types of doctors and their descriptions?

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they put squalene in our flu ...

 Should alternative medicine be brought under mainstream regulation?
"Quacks fly in all directions as alternative medicine regulation fails: As panic and confusion spread among the practitioners of alternative medicine, Martin Robbins calls for the industry'...

 Aren't "alternative medicines" totally bogus and a scam?
The way I see it there's two types of medicine: those that work and those that don't.

Those that don't work are called "alternative", and are described in vague ...

 a fast good way to detox off pot.?
Whats a fast good way to detox, i know about the water, and i think i know about the cherry juice but i need another fast way, im doing everything i know of, because i really need this job, please, ...

 The thyroid gland to work a tad faster?
With the help of alternative med. or certain movments of the body?...

 Vegan Homeopathic Remedies?
I am vegan, and I am also interested in natural and homeopathic remedies for minor ailments. However, I have two concerns:

1) I understand some homeopathic remedies are animal extracts or ...

Does apple cider vinegar help with nasal congestion?
Does apple cider vinegar help with nasal congestion? If it in fact does help... Doesn't it taste nasty? Can I mix it with pineapple juice or maybe some apple juice or something sweet like that? Im allergic to honey so that is out of question in terms of mixing. What else can I mix it with? Or should I be inhaling the vapors of the vinegar instead?

It's vinegar. It tastes nice on some foods but it has no medicinal properties.

No, no effect at all.
Try an antihistamine (speak to your pharmacist)
Or a decongestant - with advice from a pharmacist if it's a spray as they shouldn't be used for more than 4 - 5 days. Longer and you get rebound congestion.


For nasal de-congestion:
Pour a particular amount into a wide mouth container
Similar to a brandy snifter
Place your nose,
your face and mouth
Overthe opening to the container
Inhale deeply
Yes...yes, there will be an irritation
Inhale through your mouth as well
Everyonce in a while...
just like a brandy sniffter...
take the slightest sip
Merely touch it to your tongue
This will more quickly acclimate you to the ACV
Do this for about 15 minutes

Take deep
Cleansing breaths
Breathe Deep
Feel the healing properties of the ACV working




Do not mix ACV with anything
Do not adulterate the ACV
Keep it in it's purest form

Know this: as you sniff the fumes...........
your nasal conjestion is not only being relieved
...........it is being healed

have yourself a cold glass of ice water to chase the vinegar with

you not only sniff it
you sip it...too
not really a sip...just the slightest touch to the tongue


it absolutely works


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