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 Home remedies for stuffy nose.?
I have a really bad stuffy nose and when I try to blow it, it clogs up all my ears and stuff. Are there any good home remedies that I could try to maybe get it to be runny or something like that?...

 Will 10 panadol pills kill me?
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 Is a license required to become a Chiropractor?
I'm interested in becoming a Chiropractor, but I don't want to waste my time or money going to college for it and working to get a license for practice if it's not required and just ...

Nmaskarji. Doctors of ayurved & Shidha or Naturopathy plese respond.
Thank you. Best regards.
abhisekh. 9994951707.Tamilnadu. India....

 Can't sleep! What do you do to help with insomnia?

 Any natural remedies to get rid of acne?
any home or herbal remedies to get rid of acne and blackheads?...

 "quick liver cleanse" using natural ingredients?
a friend told me about a natural ingredient liver cleanse using Epsom salts and olive oil.
anyone know the recipe?
anyone had good results from using this?...

 Should we stop testing medicines and treatments (alternative or otherwise) for effectiveness?
Can you ever do enough studies to prove an alternative medicine is no better than placebo?

The National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine has spent $2.5 billion and almost ...

 Have you ever used homeopathy for your asthma?
Can I use it instead of my asthma medication and when I have an attack? I'm interested to hear from people who have had personal experiences with homeopathy only....

 are there any home remedies to pass a hair drug test?
my buddie just got into nursin scholl, he's been clean for 3 weeks. can he just bleach it?...

 How can a person balance being a good person with not worrying & still be aware of getting things done?
I am 50 years old yet just noticed when I was a very active person accomplishing a lot I was very tense...as I got older I have changed & stopped doing anything that was not at the highest level ...

 What is the name of the yoga that makes you high?

 opening my chakras...........?
i wanto to get more detailed in this can anyone give me a routine or tips that will help me start ...

 Allopathy medicine website similar to homeopathy medicine website hmedicine?
please tell me allopathy medicine website which is similar to homeopathy website called www.hmedicine.com.In hmedicine websites we find all homeopathy medicine its used for which symtoms in detail ...

 How to deal with oxycotin withdrawals?
My friends having really bad oxycotin withdrawals. Like right now she cant stop shaking. She quit cold turkey, since her dealer doesnt have anymore. What can she do to ease the withdrawals?...

 rining in ear - high blood pressure?
Hey. i feel ringning in my ear. I have problems with high perssure and i have been on meds for blood pressure (amlodipina0 for like 2 years. I am 22 years old. Lately this ringing in my ear really ...

 Does smoking cigarettes mess up you chakras?
I know smoking is bad for your health, but does it effect your energy system? If it does, which chakra does it mess up the most?

(I’m reading a book about chakras, and I’m terribly ...

 Looking for Home remedies for health tips for common illnesses?
Blood Pressure

Eating pomegranat regularly helps to lower blood pressure.

Milk with dill seeds:
Pour boiling milk in a glass, add 1 tea spoon of dill ...

 Marijuana Withdrawals?
I dont care what anyone says, you can have withdrawals when quitting marijuana! I was high for 2 years straight. I rarely took a break. I stayed constantly high. I would smoke a few times a day, ...


Does Cell Food really work?
I recently started trying Cell Food. People talk about this stuff like it is a miracle cure for almost everything that you can think of. It is $40.00 a bottle and the bottle lasts for 1 month. You drop 8 drops into 8 ounces of water, 3 times daily and drink or you can mix it in the morning and just sip all day. Cell Food claims to treat and cure all types of ailments by adding oxygen to the cells. People say that they were dying, and Cell Food saved their lives. It is only sold at Whole Foods and of course, online. You can not even get it from GNC. Does anyone have any information on this product, and does anyone know if Cell Food really works?

ive been using it for two years i love it it keeps me healthy and energetic...it works...the actually product doesnt claim to cure any disease but simply states that alot of diseases r caused by a lack oxygen........gnc doesnt sell the good stuff most of the vitiamans and products there r fake and syntheicthic........keep shopping at the wholefood store and go back there and ask for the cellfood book....the book will explain everything u need to now bout the product

Cellfood is a great product. It is manufactured by a company called NuScience Corporation in Lancaster, California. It has been commercially available for over 30 years.

The suggested retail price is $29.95 however you can obtain it for less at websites like http://www.oxywave.com, who has been distributing online since 1998 and has a great reputation.

It has 78 minerals in ionic form, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids and creates oxygen by weakening the bond in water (H2O) between the hydrogen and oxygen molecule. This releases a negatively charged singlet oxygen, which attracts a positively charged oxygen singlet (oxygen free radical) which then combine to produce bio available O2.

It is considered "water splitting" technology.

The FDA does not permit supplement companies to make any claims about treating or curing any type of disease, however as simple internet search reveals thousands of "testimonials" of people who have been helped with taking Cellfood, with many types of illnesses.

The fact is that NuScience Corporation, the manufacturer of Cellfood makes absolutely no claims related to treating disease.

What is interesting, however, the 3rd party testing that has been done and is documented on the NuScience website that shows how powerful of a oxygen free radical scavenger Cellfood is, how Cellfood breaks surface tension of water, measurements how athletes perform using Cellfood and other test results.

Though these tests do not prove treatment, the fact is that if you raise blood oxygen levels, reduce the amount of free radical damage you can create an environment where your body basically heals itself.

The minerals in Cellfood help normalize pH levels. Studies show that a more alkaline environment reduces risks associated with disease.

Digestive and metabolic enzymes help with digestion and assimilation of nutrients, once again giving your body what it needs to heal itself.

Amino acids are the building blocks for protein and we all know how important that is.

If we all got the enzymes, minerals, amino acids and from the food we ate, we probably wouldn't need Cellfood, however because of depleted soils, food that is not nutrient rich, and poor eating habits, we don't get the necessary nutrients, so supplementation is important.

Cellfood simply gives us vital trace elements and oxygen that we need to give the body what it needs to heal itself.

I have been using Cellfood personally since 1998, know the owners of NuScience corporation, have personal knowledge of very famous athletes (like a certain winner of a particular bicycle race in France) and have seen great results in friends and family.

Do not be taken in by the hype and testimonials you may see which can find on the internet.

Some may be true others may be fabrications.

Either way, if you really are researching and studying the 3rd party testing, you will find a supplement that stands heads above others with a long history of success. It is found in Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, some GNC stores, and thousands of health food stores here in the United States and in over 70 countries.

Hope this helps answer the question.

Robyn Cosby
Doctors have let me down in the past so I have gone to doing things the natural way like it was intended until big business came along and is making the people sick with there preservitives that damage and distroy your cells. Tablets and capsule vitamins do not give you the proper nutrients your body needs because of the fillers it has. Even the veggies we eat doesnt have the right nutrients either because of the pestisides and growth hormone people have used in the soils. There is a book yes that explains it i have read it and im going to start my son on it. Because it was a medical doctor that messed my son up and all the natural things i have done for my kid has helped him a great deal. they have lowered the dose on his seizure meds now. So western medicine is not all ways the right way to go. its all about the money doctors nowadays dont care as long as they get that nice fat pay check and a kick back from the pharmacies. Its not a miracle to anything it helps your body do what its suppose to do and thats heal itself and renew the cells to fight off dieases. Because of popution and perservitives our bodys are not doing what its suppose to so Cell food heals the cells and makes the body do what its suppose to do. Doctors are keeping you sick think about it. Say you are suffering from ""Depression"" so they give you a antidepressant well the side effect of the medication is weight gain, sudicidal tendency, seizures, weight loss, fatigue, halucnations, dry mouth constipation, vomiting. Hmmmm i would rather find a natural why of taking care of my depression then having to deal with the side effects of the medication. I dont take antibiotics if i get broncitis i drink a tea the was made for it and it goes away 5 days sooner then the antibiotic and theres no risk for a yeast infection with the tea. So keep taking it you will see a difference. It detoxifiys your body so thats a good thing.

"creates oxygen by weakening the bond in water (H2O) between the hydrogen and oxygen molecule. This releases a negatively charged singlet oxygen, which attracts a positively charged oxygen singlet (oxygen free radical) which then combine to produce bio available O2.

It is considered "water splitting" technology."

This is complete and utter rubbish.

A) it's very unlikely to 'weaken the bond'

B) if it did, then it would CREATE an oxygen free radical, not collect them! If this is true, then this product will damage you as it creates more radicals in your body that bind to the nearest molecule, effectively accelerating DNA damage.

Scam products always slip up when they try and get scientific; when someone who knows what they're talking about is around to point out they are wrong then they are shown up for the scammers they are.

adding oxygen to the cells.... your lungs do that already, and there are a number of things that can't be cured simply by increasing blood oxygen levels, pretty much everything. if it claims to cure "everything" than clearly its violating FDA regulations that require such claims to be backed up by evidence. if it makes vague claims like "supporting health" in one way or another its advertising in a way to avoid FDA regulation.

anecdotal evidence is essentially worthless, the person claiming "it cured me" has no way of knowing weather or not the product actually effected their condition, or if it's simply a case of taking the product while they were getting treated, or getting better on their own anyway. that's why its not recognized as evidence.

bottom line is that your wasting money on fancy water drops.

alternative medicines can be dangerous, especially when used as a replacement. there's no regulations, no requirements to list possible side effects, or anything like that. if you have a problem go to a real medical doctor, don't look for the product that is cheapest or make the most pie in the sky claims, go with the product that has been demonstrated to work in a scientific way.

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