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βɛcaʊʂᴈ ℐ ʂɑiɗ šσ
Do you know what scents I can use (essential oils, incense) to ward off evil spirits?

lemon lime

Candy Cane
NONE call a priest

There are no evil spirits. Scents wouldn't scare them away if there were. Think about it, they are dead. I doubt they smell much. If you believe they can smell, I would just leave garbage all over the house, I know that would scare me away. You shouldn't worry so much.


Tyler C
say BOO! and they will get scared and leave

one bottle of crazy.

sage is typically used for this. but also remember, asking God to help you and telling them to leave in the name of Jesus, works better than the herbs he gave us, i would do both!

Western Gray Sage or Cedar smudge will help keep those things away from you that make you uncomfortable. If that doesn't work the way you wish try Sweetgrass. I can say with pretty much confidence that there spirits out there, every belief says they are there.

I have to agree with Laura, they're dead!!! They can't smell. But, if you are serious then I think the only good advice I have for you is to go with GOD. If you believe that there is evil spirits then surely you believe in good spirits as well, let alone the greatest good spirit ever... JESUS.

This is what I use. It is very general.
You can also wear or carry a black tourmaline.

4 drops Basil
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Pine
1 drop Vetivert

Mix the oils in 1/8 cup jojoba oil in a sterilized glass jar.
Wear for protection against all kinds of attacks.
Also anoint windows, doors, and other parts of the house, to protect it.
(I have also mixed it in 1/8 cup unscented skin cream- to carry along and apply unobtrusively at any time -- I carry this one in my handbag)

You can also add the protection oil to a "florida water" wash, and then wash the floors of your home and/or business, to rid the environment of negativity and evil. You can also keep it in a spray bottle, for a quickie cleansing, between floor washes:

1/2 gallon 90 proof alcohol (grain or vodka)
1 pint spring water
1 tablespoon fresh squeezed lemon juice
10 drops protection oil

Best mixed during full moon, but you can do it any time, if you have an emergency.

You can also burn cedar incense in your house.

Creating a calming mind and living space will work the best. Try some sandalwood incense and meditate everyday, even if just for 10 min a day. Focusing your mind on something positive will help keep away elements that affect the mind.

I've heard that frankincense is very good.

It can be calming uplifting and can be helpful in treating anxiety and tension, which is created by our minds.

It is also good for meditation and other spiritual pursuits.

☮Jen D☮
Burning sage is traditionally used for this purpose.

Rosemary, salt in your pocket, sandalwood, Frankincense.

Burn Sage. Indians have been doing it for years. It is really smokey so you might want to turn off smoke detectors!

Susan M
It is common to use sage sticks, called smudge for this purpose. That is fairly common in the intermountain west.
Frankincense has been used for this historically also.

Sandalwood is typically used in christianity and buddhism as very holy incense so i would say these would be good.

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