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Do I have to be license to Practice Massage Therapy?
I want to take Massage Therapy online or at a school can I practice Massage Therapy with the schools diploma or have to be license?

Well, yea... After you go through some training i think you are qualified to practice Massage Therapy.

You need a license

I believe it's state dependent.

well you "could" without one but It wouldn't be a good idea. congrats on the schooling Its a GREAT feald.

most places you have to be licensed there are a few places where you don't have to be but they probably won't be places you want to live (e.g. rural Kansas)

I would very strongly advise you not to do an online program. I don't care if it's cheaper/faster/etc. Massage requires lots of hands on learning. You won't be able to know if you're doing things right if you don't have an actual instuctor there to help you. Plus you won't havethe advantage of learning from your peers.

just me DGD
In the state of CT you need to be licensed.

it is my opinion that any on-line course, would be a waste of time, and money. its a very much hands on occupation, and it is my opinion that you should be taught the proper technique under the direction of a professionally licensed therapist. be sure the school you attend is accredited and recognized by the state you reside in, or plan to practice in...

Most states require you to attend a hands on school that is state recognized. Most states require that you get a state license after graduation. What state are you in and do you think you might move to another ever?

There is one online school that I know of. You learn the anatomy etc and then hook up with a local massage therapist or go to Utah for a few weeks or something like that to learn the hands on part. You just have to make sure your state accepts that training.

It depends on what state you are in as to what licensing you need. There are still a handful of states or so that don't have any licensing. You usually have to take a test to get your massage license.

You won't be able to qualify to take the national certification exam with an online school. You need to have classroom and hands on training and you'll have to do 25 practical massage sessions before you're allowed to take the test. Most states require at least 500 hours of school and then the national test and a state license to practice.

It depends where you live! Don't take online cause the only way to learn is hands on!

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