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Coffee doesn't do it, so what can a 70-year-old in good health ingest for energy?
I have zero energy and can barely get out of bed in the mornings. I can sleep for 36 hours straight, waking up long enough to eat or go to the bathroom. Even drinking double strength coffee is no longer waking me up. I cannot take amphetamines but am desperate for help with this.

The strength of Limu Plus does not stop at fucoidan. This revolutionary elixir also contains advanced Russian adaptogens. Adaptogens are a rare class of plant first identified by Russian scientists. In the mid-1950s, the Russian government commissioned its Academy of Sciences to create a product to enhance human performance.

The product had to accomplish three objectives:

* Be safe and non-toxic to the body
* Support cellular health
* Equip the body to adapt to stressors

For 40 years, more than 1200 scientists were involved in this unprecedented, confidential project that led to groundbreaking discoveries and thousands of studies. A unique group of plants referred to as “adaptogens” were discovered growing in an area of eastern Russia called the Primorye. The Discovery Channel produced a special on the total devastation created by a meteor in 1908 in the same area of the Primorye Forest to which adaptogens are native. After the devastation, certain plants learned to cope with extreme temperature variations, radiation exposure, altitude variances, sea pressure, toxic exposure and stresses of drought and water variances. These “adaptable” plants—adaptogens—grew back to create one of the most botanically active regions in the world.

According to researchers, adaptogens help restore the body’s overall capacity for exertion and resistance to stress.* In other words, adaptogens help the body adapt to internal and external environmental stressors. In a society where, according to the American Medical Association, more than 80 percent of health challenges may be related to stressors, the adaptogens in Limu Plus can be your answer for alleviating stress.*

With time and clinical trials, some 12 adaptogenic plants were identified as the most active. Vitamark uses a co-extraction, processed blend of six of the most active adaptogens in Limu Plus.

This adaptogen blend helps support:

* Better focus*
* Mental energy*
* Stamina*
* Enhanced sleep*
* Less toxicity*

* Better attention to detail*
* Mood improvement*
* Improvement in the aging process*
* Antioxidant capability*
* Cellular balance*

Product Testimonial

Dear Jana: "Limu Plus Works For Us"

Do you find that you need more energy or want to get more help out of your spouse? If your answer is yes to either of these questions then Limu Plus may be just what you are looking for. Read this testimonial to find out what happened when one woman gave it to her husband!
Hi, this is Trisha Cordell, Diamond affiliate with Vitamark. I know that many of you already know how I feel about these products, they are amazing and I feel very great for my age (which is well over 60).

I would like to tell you about my husband Ken. Ken is almost 71 years of age and he still works at his own business. For the past two weeks I have been getting him to paint the inside of our house. He has literally worked from 8:00 o’clock in the morning to 9:00 o’clock in the evening, almost non-stop. He has had a lunch hour and has been taking Limu Plus twice a day. I cannot tell you the difference this has made, it’s absolutely phenomenal. Ken has not become weary while working; he has just kept going at the task in hand.

So if I can ask you all to try anything, please try Limu Plus if you need that extra boost then try it twice a day.

One of Ken’s other favorite products is Vita-Che, which he takes every day.

Trisha Cordell

life is sweet
How much processed sugar do you ingest mate?? Try eliminating fake drinks and processed foods to begin with if you eat or drink any and eat more fresh low sugar fruits like pears, plums and berries and eat more green salads and green vegies to boost energy levels ....... eat them fresh juice them fresh just get them into you hey .... don't buy the nice shiny prepackaged, prebottled juices or vegies... make em yourself....... fresh stuff full of the living enzymes that every single cell in your body needs to function at peak performance.

If you are eating and drinking to much fake stuff don't just stop completely straight away... wean slowly off them by halving your intake each week till you can go without altogether or the detox will be too nasty... stuff like headaches, nausea, dizzy spells, mood swings will be much nastier than otherwise.

So yeah.... go juice some celery and carrotts or some fresh oranges ..... eat a green salad with snow peas, celery, rocket, buk choy and drizzle fresh lemon juice and a little cold pressed extra virgin olive oil on it...... all that stuff is also rich in calcium ....... without sufficient calcium in your system you'll never properly assimilate your iron supplies so you'll end up with all the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.... fatigue and exhaustion, headaches and migraines, excessive feelings of being cold, dizzy spells ...... ;0)

And please try to ditch or dramatically reduce your intake of the calcium thieves (if appropriate) such as a high intake of processed salt, processed sugar, animal protein, saturated fat, alcohol, sodas and pop, acohol, caffeine.

Other things that will rip the calcium right out of your bones are otc meds, laxatives, diuretics, painkillers.

146 good reasons to not ingest nutritionally void, man made, highly refined, chemically processed, highly addictive, wallet emptying, vitality destroying, age you before your time processed sugar for you to read ~


And don't forget to hydrate yourself properly..... you'd be amazed at how being just a little dehydrated can exhaust and fatigue you.


®äDhïKå -
Exercise firstly. Try yoga in the mornings and before you go to bed.

You can try taking vitamin supplements. You might be low on B-complex. So take a multivite that has it.

orange sky
see a doctor for blood test. don't listen to idiots on here please..

Karma of the Poodle
Definitely see a doctor if possible. Also, until you see a doctor it may be best to take a B complex vitamin and each Niacin rich foods. A drop in blood sugar can cause weakness and make you feel tired. A low dose iron supplement or even eating just calves liver every other day will bring up the iron content in your blood. I would definitely add these things to your daily diet even if you were already seeing a doctor. Take a brisk 15 minute walk twice a day, if possible. The movement of the blood and the increase in oxygen will help greatly.
Usually, with people over the age of 50, coffee has the opposite effect for us. It will actually reduce nutrients needed for energy if we are not supplementing with the right foods or vitamins and minerals. Ask your doctor for a full blood scan for iron levels, blood sugar, thyroid for T3 and T4, as well as a nutrition scan for lack of nutrients/oxygen/and white blood cells.
Hope you feel better soon.

You should probably go to a doctor.

First of all: Ignore the stupid and medically incorrect 'advice' others have offered here.

Secondly: See a doctor asap, it's NOT normal to sleep for so long, even at your age so you need to have this checked out. There's a variety of non-serious conditions such as anaemia etc that can cause a severe lack of energy, and these can be simply treated.

36 hours straight is WAY beyond a simple lack of energy. You NEED to see that doctor asap!

This condition does not appear to be caused by "good health." Stop kidding yourself.

Your best bet is to see your physician---as soon as you can. There could well be serious underlying causes for the symptoms you describe.

In the meantime, don't consume any more "energy" drinks, supplements, vitamins, or celery juice. NO ONE here appears to be a physician and should not be suggesting medication or treatment for you.

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