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 Gluten Free Diet and ADHD does it work?
I was wanting to put my 15 yr old son on a Gluten free diet and was wondering if in fact that it works. I really want to try this for my son and he wants to as well. I just don't know how to ...

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I think my liver energy is stagnated and am considering doing a liver cleanse that involves apple juice, epsom salt and olive oil.

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 Why are people able to take whole bottles of homeopathic sleeping pills without dying?
There are many videos on youtube where people take whole bottles of homeo sleeping pills without any effects!!
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True but what if the subject does not ...

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Someone I know has it and there is no cure?

All these cancer centers and research centers take all the donations and make all this money from sick ...

 if someone smokes weed multiple times a day, do they start smelling different?
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 Is rihanna pro-vaccine because her parents and lover are doctors?
has she been brainwashed?
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 Reiki also deals with cleansing chakras and clearing blockages. ...contd?
Reiki also deals with cleansing chakras and clearing blockages. So reiki is/can be considered as one of the systematic approaches to awakening the kundalini energy?
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@ ...

 Last night i smoked weed, HELP?
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 What is the best medicine for a cold?
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 what happens if a child eat pills?

 what are the good and the bad facts about smoking weed?

 Why are there doctors here on Q&A looking to rid alternative treatment....?
from the face of the earth? Do their studies include how to treat people, or that everyone is too stupid to understand how to treat their own selves, and that's why they snoop in this area of ...

Can you still buy triple c's at a drug store without a prescription?
I don't want to look like a dumb-*** and go in there and try to buy some, if you can' t buy them like on a shelf or something.

i think you can. i know target sells other kinds of caffine pills and you dont need a perscription.

Are you seriously talking about Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold?? Wow i hope you have high blood pressure and a cough and cold, because what a lame thing to try and abuse! Anyway its not prescription, but its usually behind the counter at the pharmacy... you'll need your drivers license to buy it.

Yes, you have to be 18 or older. ( I.D. ) maybe even 21??

You can get them on the shelf... also cough syrup on the shelf.

yes you can buy it without prescription

OPC (my prez really is black)
yeah you can still buy them have fun

Great... people are still doing this.
Listen, enough with the CCC. I had to learn for myself the long term effects. Look at me after abusing them often- memory loss, speech impairment, paranoia, confusion, not to mention regret- and it has been a year since i last used.
They ARE fun. They are so much fun. But, just like any drug, they have some serious side-effects, short and long term.
To answer your question, no, you do not need a prescription. Most stores, like WalMart, make you go to the pharmacist counter and buy them, and they will not sell them to younger people unless you can prove you have a high blood pressure. But stores like Target usually still have them on the shelves.
If you must use them, just make sure to space it out; this should not be done every day, just like acid. Never take more than fourteen. Make sure a friend or some one close knows what you are on; the paramedics are going to need to know. Make sure you are getting the right kind or it is all a waste. Or instead of wasting yourself, stay away in general.

Yes you can, but if you are trying to get high, DONT get triple C, get robitussin gel caps. Robitussin is pure DXM (the part you get high off of), while triple Cs have all kinds of nasty sh*t in them that will kill you if you take the amounts you need to get high.

CCC is pretty much the worst one you can get when it comes to DXM.

They are behind the counter. You have to be over 18 to buy them I think. I hope you are taking it for a cold and not for fun because those will f you up!

Good luck and have fun but I agree with 1 other answer, make sure someone knows what you take (just in case) alot of people need to learn for themselves and I think everyone needs to experience things for them selves. As a mother of 2 and 1 being a teenager the best thing I can do is close my eyes and pray. I did it all as a teenager and had alot of fun just please let someone know your doing this

Rum Stem
Please don't take this the wrong way, because really I am very pro responsible recreational drug use. But, if your thinking of taking this product for recreational purposes (DXM trip) I would like to advise you that these pills can and have killed before when abused. If you want a DXM trip, you would probably be better off buying a bottle of cough syrup that is 100% DXM, or if you feel like taking the (probably) more effective yet long, complicated, and boring route then you need to go with an extraction process using certain pills.

My friend OD's on CCC's just a month ago.

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