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 medicationssssss!!!plz help?
what is the easiest way to memorize or know what type of medication is . actually i will be taking my NCLEX in 3-4 months and knowing about all the meds is not possible is their a way i can at least ...

 Is it possible that they are canceling each other out?
seroquel lexapro wellbutrin. He is depressed (lexapro afternoon or evening), not sleeping (seroquel night) and lack of energy (wellbutrin morning). Friends feel worse without them but doesnt feel ...

 Any other good cold fighters besides vitamin C?
I don't have money for the doctor without insurance and I've got a nasty cold going on...the classic congestion, runny nose, sore scratchy throat and I don't want it to turn into an ...

 In becoming a Holistic Nutritionist?
In becoming a Holistic Nutritionist would it be a wise choice to study to be a RD ( registered Dietitian) first?

Thanks :)...

 Can vitamin C pills really help to boost the body immune system?
(And thus, prevent from catching the H1N1 virus?)...

 What's a mild, preferably natural laxative that I can take while I'm away at camp?
When I go on vacations, the stress, new food, and new surroundings usually make me mildly constipated. While I'm away at camp, I'd like to be able to take something or eat something that ...

 Best remedy for Anxiousness? No anti psychotics or Anti Depressants either.?
Whats the best one for someone who could not sit still or think about one thing at a time if there life depended on it?...

 I would like to know from all Conventional healthcare practitioners?
Is it just Homoeopathy that you feel so strongly against or is it all Alternative/Complementary healthcare you feel this way about?
Just wondered?
Additional Details
Thank you John, ...

 do you think stevia is safe?
know it's from a plant, and they claim it's 'all natural,' but that's no gaurentee of safety, and the fact that they say that is no proof of honesty. After all, they used to ...

 I usa medical marijuana and dont want to smoke it anymore, can you use vegitable oil to extract it?
or does it have to be a different oil?...

 Am I immune to ecstasy ? Help !?
ok so this is my 2nd time taking ecstasy. the first time i didn't roll at all, i just felt really good like I was really happy and I was in a really good mood but I still felt pretty normal. i ...

 People with Crohns and MS at the same time?
What treatment options are available to someone who has both of these conditions at the same time?...

 Calcium carbonate vs. calcium citrate?
Is one better than the other? I was told to take calcium and magnesium for pms. Someone then told me that calcium citrate is better than calcium carbonate. What's the difference??...

 i am a legal medical marijuana patient and i am looking for some decently priced meds can anyone help?
near ann arbor ...

 Apple Cider Vinegar benefits of drinking it?
I have always heard that drinking apple cider vinegar is good for you. Does anyone have any experiences they can share? I am interested in trying this. Also, how much do you take at one time, how ...

 What is a good substitute for Talcum powder?
I heard that Talc is cancer causing and would like to use something else if I could. I need something as close to talc as I can and still be cheap....

 do all canned vegetables contain yeast?
ive seen some cans that say they do and some say nothing at all. i want to clarify this since im on an anti candida diet and am running out of fresh ...

 anyone tried Salvia..?
whats it like..? same as weed?
and is it ...

 Does FDA approved mean that a product works, or just that it won't hurt you?
Thinking about getting diet pills but don't want to through away my money. So if I buy FDA approved does it mean that their is evidence to support the companies claims that it will help you lose ...

 Which phase of clinical trials is broken down in SAD studies and MAD studies?
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV

2: Which principle of medical ethics says that a practitioner should only act in the best interest of the patient?

Can you make "spice" (the herbal incense that gets you high like dope) into a tea and get the same effects?

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jamma mamma
Probably not. Marijuana tea doesn't even work unless you put fat somewhere in it because THC is not water soluble.

And I hate to rain on your parade, but every blend of spice that actually gets you stoned is sprayed down with a synthetic cannabinoid. If you choose to disagree, you have to believe that the mix of all those natural herbs (baybean, vanilla, whatever else is in those blends, etc) produces a cannabinoid receptor agonist in your brain. Regardless, it is very difficult to know how to make research chemical designer drugs like JWH-018 and HU-210 active by ingestion. The heat from the boiling water could very well break them down or they might just not bind to anything.

I know it's not the question you asked, but I would recommend staying away from spice. I smoked it every day for 2 weeks and experienced pronounced withdrawals and cravings (thank goodness I didn't have any more), not to mention how curiously potent certain blends acquirable from the internet are (chillin xxx). I think juxtaposed to weed, the legal risk of weed outweighs the possible mental/health risks of spice.

Try it and let us know!

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